Rise of the Ronin is a Narrative-Based Souls-Like From Team Ninja

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Includes Challenging Combat Like Past Team Ninja Games!

Story Highlights
  • Team Ninja is stepping into the open-world genre with Rise of the Ronin.
  • The studio will continue to focus on a challenging and precise combat system.
  • This game also offers branching narratives with multiple dialogue options, leading to different endings.

Team Ninja and PlayStation introduced Rise of the Ronin not too long ago. Confirmed for an early 2024 launch, this Japan-based adventure will set players loose in Yokohama, Kyoto, and other parts of Japan during the Bakumatsu era.

Following the latest showing at The Game Awards, Team Ninja has revealed more details about this title through a preview, including a retained focus on challenging combat loop and gameplay.

Why it matters: Rise of the Ronin appears to be an open-world game with a lot of mainstream appeal. However, its difficulty might become a point of contention for players who are not fond of Souls-likes.

Rise of The Ronin

According to GameInformer’s preview, learning attack patterns is a fundamental part of coming out victorious in Rise of the Ronin.

While the team did not explicitly call the game a Souls-like, it is clear that various parts of this genre will blend into the gameplay. To that end, a stiff challenge awaits players in this world.

Much like this genre’s punishing nature of progression, Rise of the Ronin includes Karma, a progression currency that is lost upon death. However, Team Ninja also made sure to strike a balance between difficulty and accessibility in this game.

Therefore, while it may lean more on the difficult side, fans should expect a more welcoming experience than Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty or Nioh. The team has included multiple forms of XP, somewhat negating the threat of losing everything upon death.

Despite Souls-like elements, Rise of the Ronin is more grounded in reality. Team Ninja has dropped the supernatural elements of past games, offering a realistic take on Japan from 1863.

The story is a major focus of the overall experience of this PS5 console exclusive, with director Fumihiko Yasuda boasting a decision-making system reminiscent of dialogue trees from RPGs.

YouTube video

He claims conversations offer multiple response options and play an important part in determining the ending of the game. Historical figures and their bonds with the players are also important to the larger narrative.

This part of the game will receive its own side-quests dubbed the Bond Missions.

Rise of the Ronin is coming to PS5 on 22 March. The game will mark Team Ninja’s first massive departure from purely gameplay-based Souls-likes in many years, showing plenty of promise with the initial footage and previews.

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