Microsoft Exploring Possibility To Bring More Games To PlayStation and Nintendo

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Xbox Expanding Its Games To Other Platforms!

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  • Xbox is looking to release more critically acclaimed titles to other platforms.
  • More releases on PS5 and Switch are expected after Hi-Fi Rush on Nintendo Switch.
  • Xbox could reach great financial success in game sales with this move. 

Exclusives are a big part of the gaming industry. In no way, a few years ago, we could’ve anticipated that Sony would bring titles like God of War, Horizon, or others to the PC platform. While the competition is still on, with Sony keeping its titles away from Xbox, Team Green might have given up.

According to Windows Central reporter Jez Corden, Xbox wants to release more acclaimed titles on PlayStation and Nintendo. These reports emerged when a rumour surfaced that Hi-Fi Rush could soon be coming to the Nintendo Switch. 

Why it matters? Looking at a recent list, most of PlayStation’s popular games are first-party Xbox games, especially Call of Duty. This could give Xbox a financial edge in-game sales. 

Hi-Fi Rush Image

PlayStation 5 is undeniably the most popular console out of the two for this generation. However, the sales numbers tell an entirely different story. Sony’s exclusives have generally shied away from multiplayer elements; therefore, the replayability is less than that of others. 

Call of Duty is more popular as a live service title these days, so its popularity combined with the PS5’s popularity gives Xbox an excellent way to sell millions of copies and make more money through game sales rather than consoles. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This also holds for the Nintendo Switch, as it still sells like hotcakes in major parts of the world. This move by Xbox, if true, is a great one, in our opinion, as it can fill the deficit left by the lack of Xbox sales.

This would also inspire other publishers to make their titles multi-platform; we are all for it. Moreover, a recent leak also suggested that PlayStation will shift its focus towards developing more multi-platform titles for the next generation. 

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