Elden Ring Fan Managed To Run The Game On Nintendo 3DS

Elden Ring On 3DS?

Story Highlights
  • Elden Ring is quite a demanding game and has not been released on any Nintendo platform.
  • A fan managed to run it on a 3DS with an application.
  • Pinbox application lets you stream games and other things from Windows PC to 3DS. 

Elden Ring, Game of the Year 2022, is arguably one of the most notable Souls games. The game recently went through a huge resurgence due to a sale, pointing out that it is still relevant.

The replayability of the game amazes us to this date. However, such games give the best experience on high-end PCs and Consoles. Due to that, they are not released on handles like Nintendo Switch or 3Ds. Surprisingly, that didn’t stop a fan from running Elden Ring on a 3DS, which is impressive. 

Why it matters: Elden Rings features great visuals and requires reasonable hardware, so running it on hardware like 3DS is quite compelling.

Does anyone know why morgott was frozen here?
byu/Fuckriotgames7 inEldenring

A Redditor has shared a video of playing Elden Ring via a 3DS. In the footage, the player is in the arena of Morgott. The game seems to be working just fine, but there are some stutters, given it is running on 3DS. 

Morgott is the mid-game boss that you defeat to get into the final stages of Elden Ring. So, the user has managed to get into this far in-game, indicating the game is running pretty well. While the low frame rates and resolution make the game look bad, it is impressive the fan has managed to come this far.

However, the question is how the user runs it on 3DS. Luckily, this has been explained in the comments section of the subreddit. The user isn’t running the game natively but uses a Pinbox application.

Elden Ring Melina

The application lets you stream video games from a Windows PC to the 3DS. Till now, we didn’t know such an app existed, which made it more exciting. That being said, streaming Elden Ring on 3DS still shouldn’t be an easy job, so it took the fan 3 hours to do so.

While the fan must have posted it for the meme, it is still pretty impressive how they managed to run such a game on 3DS. We were impressed and surprised by the action as well as the dedication of the particular fan.

With that being impressive, it is also worth noting that games like GTA 5 are now playable on smartphones via emulation. Regarding Elden Ring, the game’s DLC is expected to be released in February 2024 and offers over 20 hours of content.

The game already had a lot of content, but more is always welcome, given how well it was received. Also, the game will have another expansion in 2025. 

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