Hi-Fi Rush Headed To Nintendo Switch Soon, Claims Leaker

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Perfect Fit For The Switch?

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  • Hi-Fi Rush is currently available on Xbox Series S|X and PC.
  • The game could be headed to more platforms, with a leaker pointing to a Nintendo Switch release.
  • This game could become a big hit on the console since Nintendo’s console is already quite fond of such titles.

Hi-Fi Rush stands out as a game demonstrating that an exceptional game does not necessarily require a huge budget. Since its early 2023 release, this rhythm action game has become a massive hit, currently standing as Xbox’s best-rated release of the year.

Last year, Tango Gameworks released the title for Xbox Series S|X and PC. However, according to a new report, Hi-Fi Rush could soon be headed to another platform.

Why it matters: Because of its less demanding visuals and charming aesthetic, Hi-Fi Rush will fit in quite well with the rest of Nintendo’s offerings, making it an enjoyable experience for the hybrid platform without any performance concerns.

ResetEra - Lolilolailo
Source: Resetera

This information was first revealed by leaker Nate The Hate. According to his sources, Microsoft would soon bring a critically acclaimed first-party title to a rival platform.

Refusing to elaborate beyond this statement, the leaker left many scratching their heads. Hi-Fi Rush was one of the most popular guesses, but many believed games like Pentiment were equally likely for a re-release on Nintendo Switch.

However, a reputable Microsoft leaker on Resetera, lolilolailo, states that this game is indeed Tango Gameworks’ latest offering. In the past, this leaker has been accurate about his reports on IPs like Persona, leading to excitement among fans of Hi-Fi Rush.

The revelation that Hi-Fi Rush might be making its way to another platform comes as a surprise, especially considering the widespread belief that the game would remain exclusive to Xbox.

Nintendo fans are likely to embrace Hi-Fi Rush enthusiastically, given the platform’s considerable popularity for rhythm games. Successful titles like Crypt of the NecroDancer and Taiko no Tatsujin demonstrate the appeal and success of this genre on Nintendo’s platform.

Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush was a breath of fresh air from Bethesda on the Xbox Series X|S and PC last year, and its potential arrival on the Nintendo Switch could replicate the same success, earning admiration from an entirely new audience on this platform.

Reports suggest that Xbox was satisfied with the game’s success and expressed a commitment to experimenting with more diverse projects following this release.

The prospect of more games like Hi-Fi Rush in the future is reassuring, especially in an industry where developers appear to be shifting focus from AA games to high-budget AAA titles.

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