Xbox To Offer More Diverse Games like Hi-Fi Rush Thanks To Game Pass

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Phil Spencer Very Happy With Hi-Fi Rush!

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  • Hi-Fi Rush has been one of the most unexpected hits of the year.
  • Phil Spencer recently hinted that fans can expect more games like Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment because of Xbox Game Pass.
  • The subscription service allows developers to take more risks and experiment with unique ideas.

Xbox Game Pass has been very beneficial for Microsoft. It is very close to achieving 30 million subscribers in just six years and has allowed players to enjoy games like Hi-Fi Rush at no additional cost.

The subscription service has been helpful not only for Xbox and fans but also for the studios, as experimental titles are now viable for these developers. With Game Pass, studios have massive budgets and millions as their audience, making it a goldmine for ambitious teams.

Phil Spencer does not want to change this approach and recently hinted at more games like Hi-Fi Rush after recent successes.

Why it matters: Hi-Fi Rush was shadow-dropped without any prior marketing. However, it was still able to reach 3 million players in a few months, becoming a success for Tango Gameworks.

Phil Spencer Xbox

During a recent interview with Windows Central, Phil Spencer elaborated on the Game Pass financial model and discussed Microsoft’s first-party slate in 2023.

Addressing the possibilities offered by this subscription service, the head of Xbox explained that Game Pass allows studios to follow their passion and explore different genres. He further said:

“If you look at things like Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, and games like Grounded, all of them have had real success for us.”

He pointed out that Game Pass is a platform that has all types of games, from the biggest releases to titles from niche indie developers, even if the latter’s game might not be one players would initially consider playing.

Since this approach has worked so well, Phil Spencer hopes to continue exploring such small to mid-sized projects. Hi-Fi Rush, in particular, is the shining star of Game Pass in 2023, so fans should be ready for games that take inspiration from such releases.

Hi-Fi Rush Image

Not too long ago, Bethesda Softworks shared similar thoughts, confirming that the success of Hi-Fi Rush would allow their teams to try new and different genres since many new players enjoyed this rhythm beat-em-up.

Unsurprisingly, we also expect to see more frequent releases like Hi-Fi Rush in the future. While Game Pass is an incredible service for Microsoft, its strength lies in a balance between AAA and AA projects.

Therefore, such games will be crucial for the platform moving forward. Phil Spencer is already aware of this balance and hopes to continue taking more risks.

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