Nintendo Switch Outsells Xbox 360 To Become 3rd Best-Selling Console of US

PlayStation 2 Is Still Number 1!

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  • The Nintendo Switch has been a massive success worldwide.
  • It became the third-best-selling console of all time in early 2023 and recently achieved another milestone.
  • The Nintendo Switch has outsold the Xbox 360 to become the 3rd best-selling console in the US.

When it comes to portable gaming, consoles like the PSP and Nintendo DS are often considered the best on the market. However, the Nintendo Switch has changed everything with a hybrid approach.

Recently beating its predecessor’s sales in the US, this hybrid console has continued to reach new heights in 2023, thanks to its budget-friendly design and diverse library of games.

In November, Nintendo’s latest hardware reached a new milestone, becoming the third-best-selling system in the US.

Why it matters: The diverse library of Switch has games like Legend of Zelda and Mario games, which makes the console an excellent portable option for gaming.

As per statistics from Circana, the Nintendo Switch outsold the Xbox 360 in November 2023. This puts it just behind the Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2 in this region, making it the third most popular console in the US.

In 2023, Nintendo offered games like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Super Mario. Wonder for existing owners of the hybrid console. Such measures have also allowed it to outsell the PS4 and Game Boy.

While exact sales figures for the US are not known, the Nintendo Switch has sold over 132 million units worldwide. It still lags behind the PlayStation 2, which sold a record 159 million units, but Nintendo’s innovations have allowed the company to maintain strong momentum for the past six years.

The Nintendo DS is also ahead with 154 million sales worldwide. However, at this rate, similar figures might be achievable if Nintendo can continue to support its hardware for a few more years.

Nintendo Switch

We believe the Nintendo Switch is the best portable gaming console in the modern age since it provides a lot of value for as low as $200 for the Lite model. With games like Hogwarts Legacy, its library has also continued to grow this year.

In 2024, Nintendo is expected to release its much-awaited next-generation console. Potentially targeting an H2 2024 release window, this console could change portable gaming forever through technologies like DLSS.

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