Nintendo Switch Continues Its Success, Beating Wii Sales in US

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Only 5 Million Behind PS2 Lifetime Sales In US!

The Nintendo Switch has left the competition in the dust, dominating the industry. Nintendo’s latest console has sold nearly 130 million units, reaching new milestones each year.

Following its recent success, the Nintendo Switch has surpassed the sales of the beloved Nintendo Wii in the US. The Nintendo Wii, released in 2006, was hugely popular worldwide.

Why it matters: Nintendo’s hybrid console was the best-selling hardware of the last generation, and it continues to impress against current-generation competition like the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

Nintendo Switch Surpasses Wii in America

As reported by, the latest console has outsold the Wii in the US, establishing itself as one of the best-selling consoles to date.

Although exact sales numbers have not been revealed, the report confirms the Nintendo Switch is only a million units behind the Xbox 360 and less than five million behind the PlayStation 2 lifetime sales in the US.

This remarkable figure pushes North American Nintendo Switch sales beyond 49 million, with much of the credit going to Nintendo’s first-party lineup of games, including IPs like The Legend of Zelda and Mario.

Compared to the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Wii secured a worldwide total of 101.63 million units. While this was already impressive, Nintendo’s latest success has exceeded all expectations.

The Nintendo DS is still the gaming giant’s best-selling console, with 154.02 million units sold. The Nintendo Switch, however, has now claimed the second spot in the company’s history, surpassing the Wii in sales.

Nintendo Switch Surpasses Wii in America

With the hybrid console shining brightly, fans are looking forward to Nintendo’s next move.

Nintendo’s latest console came out in 2017 and has stayed relevant for over six years. There has already been much speculation about a new Nintendo console possibly arriving in H2 2024, although no official announcements have surfaced.

While the Nintendo Switch has seen strong software performance, there have been investor concerns about a potential decline in sales. However, the upcoming release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and other exciting titles promises to boost the system’s appeal for the remainder of 2023.

Like previous Nintendo hardware, the gaming giant is expected to support the Nintendo Switch after the release of its successor. This should ensure that the iconic hybrid console gets a few more years in the spotlight, potentially becoming Nintendo’s best-selling console to date.

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