PlayStation Has Sold Nearly 600 Million Consoles Since 1994

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600 Million Sales In Nearly 30 Years!

Sony embarked on an exciting journey in 1994, enjoying remarkable success with the PlayStation console. Since then, each new console has been well received, generating outstanding sales figures.

The PlayStation consoles have officially sold nearly 600 million units worldwide since the release of the PlayStation 1 in 1994, marking a massive milestone for Sony.

Why it matters: Sony has been dominating the console gaming industry worldwide, continuing its early momentum for nearly three decades.

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The 600 million sales figure represents the combined sales of all consoles launched since 1994, including the Sony handhelds, all of which made significant contributions to the total sales.

The following are the sales numbers for each PlayStation console:

  • PlayStation 1 – 102.4 Million
  • PlayStation 2 – 159 Million
  • PlayStation Portable – 82 Million
  • PlayStation 3 – 87.5 Million
  • PlayStation Vita – 14 Million
  • PlayStation 4 – 117.2 Million
  • PlayStation 5 – 41.7 Million

PlayStation 2 has been in the lead for several years, and it is not just the best-selling Sony console but the best-selling console of all time, followed by the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Switch.

Furthermore, the PlayStation 5 is the most recent console release from Sony. It was introduced in 2020, and although it had a difficult time with supply issues at launch, the console has held up well, selling more than 41.7 million units in under three years.

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It should be noted that the sales figures for the older consoles like PlayStation 2 and the handhelds have been estimated using previous data and reports. Unlike recent releases, Sony has not officially confirmed exact numbers for all of its legacy platforms.

While 600 million is already a tremendous figure, Sony has plans to continue this progress. The gaming giant is reportedly working on two more variants for its current console.

The PlayStation 5 Slim is anticipated to launch later in 2023. However, Sony is taking a different approach with this revision, introducing a detachable disc drive.

A Pro model is also rumored to be in the works, delivering more capable hardware in late 2024. All of this, in addition to various promotions, should help the gaming giant move toward its goal of selling 25 million units in the current fiscal year.

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