Rockstar Lacks Resources For GTA 6 PC Day One Launch, Says Former Dev

"We Don't Have The Money or Manpower"

Story Highlights
  • GTA 6 fans were disappointed when it was revealed that the game would be skipping the PC platform at launch.
  • A former Rockstar developer claims that the company’s lack of resources is the reason behind the delayed PC port.
  • Due to limited resources, the studio prioritizes platforms like PlayStation and Xbox, which generate the most sales.

The excitement for GTA 6 has skyrocketed since the release of the first trailer. Through an exciting depiction of Vice City, this trailer has reignited memories of a classic Grand Theft Auto experience.

However, fans are still disappointed about the fact that Rockstar is skipping a PC release on day one again. Previous data revealed that this is done due to the ‘Double Dip’ tactic, but a former Rockstar developer claims the team lacks enough resources to launch a PC port on day one.

Why it matters: PC is now a much bigger platform for gaming compared to 2013. While it may have made sense to skip GTA 5 for PC, the same may not be true for its successor.

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Mike York was part of the team that created GTA 5. Recently, the developer has used his experience to share more information about Rockstar and its approach to game development.

Following the reveal trailer, he stated that the PC port is typically delayed due to limited resources. Mike York explained that delays are caused because:

“We don’t have the money, we don’t have the resources, we don’t have the manpower.”

York claims that if Rockstar had a larger workforce, they would have three distinct teams focusing on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. However, this is not how things work because the studio lacks resources, being forced to prioritize what sells the most.

He also discussed the hardware distinctions between PCs and consoles. The developer elaborated that the hardware on every PlayStation and Xbox is identical, making it simpler to optimize and create games.

However, the PC platform offers multiple combinations, requiring more time for testing and optimization. Therefore, it can be challenging to create a port in time for release, even for a studio as big as Rockstar.

York added that studios begin development with a PlayStation focus since this platform typically drives the most sales.


While there is no denying that a PC port takes additional time, Rockstar is one of the largest studios in the industry. With over 6000 employees, this developer is much larger than teams like id Software.

The latter grew to just over 300 developers earlier this year. In the past, id Software released a polished PC version of Doom Eternal alongside the console versions in 2020.

Therefore, this statement appears to be a bit strange coming from a former Rockstar employee.

Still, delaying the PC version might be good for GTA 6 in the long term. Seeing as how the studio is aiming for perfection, the additional development time should aid optimizations tailored to unique PC combinations.

The PC version of the game could also be the only platform to offer 60FPS gameplay for GTA 6 if the first impressions are anything to go by. With the game seemingly targeting groundbreaking introductions, a 30FPS limit is currently expected for consoles.

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