Starfield Lead Strikes Back At Criticism; Says Players Disconnected From Reality

Most People Don't Understand Game Development!

Story Highlights
  • Starfield has many negative reviews on Steam, and Bethesda developers recently defended their game on the platform.
  • Following months of criticism, the Starfield design lead has taken to Twitter and addressed the recent critiques.
  • He points out that most people don’t understand development and unfairly criticize games.

Starfield was Bethesda’s most ambitious undertaking, becoming one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2023. While the game’s initial launch lived up to this excitement, it soon lost momentum.

As the days passed, many were quick to point out remnants of outdated design and problems that stopped the RPG from reaching its true potential. Recently, Bethesda developers also responded to such complaints on Steam.

A few weeks later, a Starfield developer struck back at this criticism.

Why it matters: The modern age of social media and YouTube has enabled the masses to express their opinions. This can also mean that players often form mobs or unjustly criticize games.

Emil Pagliarulo is the design director of Bethesda Game Studios and played a significant role in bringing Starfield to life.

The developer recently took to Twitter, starting a lengthy thread to express his feelings about the ongoing trend of disliking his team’s latest RPG. He pointed out that most people are not informed enough to speak on the subject.

While fans are quick to highlight problems like the various loading screens or the segmented open world of the game, they take such criticisms too far. Reflecting on the discourse, Emil Pagliarulo said:

“Funny how disconnected some players are from the realities of game development, and yet they speak with complete authority.”

The developer acknowledged that players who spent their money on the game have a right to complain. However, he explained that being a developer has given him a unique perspective that fans lack.

According to Emil Pagliarulo, creating games is all about compromises. No studio starts with the aim of putting out a poor product, and it is rare to see a finished game being close to the initial idea put forth by developers.

Ultimately, Emil Pagliarulo hopes to inform social media users about the difficulties of creating games through this thread.

This is likely what happened with Starfield. While Bethesda Game Studios had massive ambitions, the studio may not have been able to create a title that lived up to the original vision for one reason or another.

Despite the discourse, Starfield has been a success. The game garnered over 12 million players in just three months, becoming Xbox’s biggest launch this year.

While many issues remain, Bethesda Game Studios is dedicated to updating the RPG. It recently confirmed new ways to travel for Starfield in addition to features like FSR3 and other quality-of-life changes.

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