Starfield Soared Past 12 Million Players In Less Than 3 Months

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Starfield Continues Boasting New Milestones!

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  • In October, Microsoft confirmed that 11 million players had enjoyed Starfield.
  • Less than two months later, Phil Spencer has announced that an additional million players have joined the adventure.

Microsoft’s biggest game in 2023 continues to grow further. Over a month ago, Satya Nadella announced that 11 million players had ventured into the expansive universe of Starfield.

Speaking during the CCXP in Brazil, Phil Spencer has confirmed that the RPG has reached a new high. According to the Xbox boss, Starfield has already reached 12 million players.

Why it matters: This is a proud moment for the team at Bethesda and everyone at Xbox. Their hard work helped bring the title to life and allowed it to reach such milestones in a short amount of time.

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During a recent panel, Phil Spencer recalled his time with the RPG in 2022. The Xbox boss already believed it would be special, and his doubts were cleared once the game was released.

The RPG required under three months to reach this milestone. Announcing the new figure, the head of Xbox said:

“Starfield has now had over 12 million players since the launch.”

While the game’s player counts have dropped on Steam, Phil Spencer confirmed that the same is not true for Xbox. Over on the Xbox Series S|X, the RPG is still among the top 10 most-played titles.

He also reiterated the notion that Starfield is expected to attract players for many years. Much like Skyrim, Bethesda hopes players will continue to return to this RPG for over a decade, recently assigning 250 developers to support the game for this purpose.


Starfield has set a new benchmark for first-party Xbox games. Its success will encourage Microsoft teams for years to come, with all studios hoping to break the records made by this expansive title.

Thanks to Game Pass and an ambitious marketing campaign, Starfield has shown no signs of stopping.

The game is expected to remain an important part of Xbox and Bethesda in the coming years, with future updates ensuring the experience continues to evolve for new and existing players.

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