Bethesda Assigned 250 Devs To Keep Working On Starfield

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55% of The Team Still Working On Starfield!

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  • In a Wired interview, Todd Howard stated that 250 developers are actively working on Starfield updates.
  • The team’s focus is to fix the game’s issues and on the Shattered Space DLC.
  • Bethesda is currently prioritizing Starfield over the development of The Elder Scrolls 6.

Despite being the most awaited game of this year, Starfield received mixed reception from the gaming community.

The game launched with various bugs and performance issues that made many players abandon the game. However, Bethesda is committed to fixing the issues Starfield is currently facing.

In a recent interview with Wired, Todd Howard revealed that 250 developers from Bethesda are working on Starfield post-launch. Their focus is fixing core game issues and developing planned DLC.

Why it matters: This emphasizes that Bethesda listens to the players’ feedback and continuously tries to improve their game. Despite the problems Starfield is facing, it’s nice to see the developers not giving up on it.

YouTube video

Todd Howard recently shared insights about the vast team behind the RPG. Howard highlighted the collaborative work involved in creating expansive gaming experiences across all of Bethesda’s games. He mentioned:

“We still have people that work on [Fallout] 76, we have about 250 on Starfield.”

Digging into the details shows how massive the team working on Starfield is. Nate Purkeypile, the former lead lighting artist of Starfield, mentioned:

“Starfield is a way larger project, with around 500 people on the team, compared to maybe 200, at most, for Fallout 76.”

While the numbers might differ, it’s clear that Starfield has a significant workforce behind it.



Bethesda’s developers are staying committed to Starfield with constant updates and the upcoming Shattered Space DLC. Even though The Elder Scrolls 6 is expected to arrive in a few years, the team is currently prioritizing its efforts on its latest RPG.

While the title had a strong start with impressive numbers on PC and Xbox, it saw a drop in player interest in the weeks that followed. Surprisingly, Skyrim, a long-standing favorite, had more players on Steam than Starfield recently.

Howard explains this decline, pointing to mixed feedback on procedural generation and the lack of in-depth space exploration, causing some players to find planetary exploration repetitive.

On the bright side, more than 11 million players have played Starfield since its launch. The game also won the Xbox Game of the Year award at the recent Golden Joystick event.

Nonetheless, this team of 250 developers seems to be bringing positive results. The game’s beta patch has received praise for its performance fixes, sparking hopes for a 60FPS mode on Xbox Series X.

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