Starfield Bags Xbox Game Of The Year Award At Golden Joystick

Massive Win For Bethesda!

Story Highlights
  • Starfield was among the most notable and hyped releases of 2023.
  • It has now been hailed as the Xbox Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards 2023.
  • The game was released more than 2 months ago, and it still has an average of 30K players each day.

Starfield has been one of the highlights of 2023. The game, on release, was showered with praise by many. While it received criticism for a few aspects, like barren planets, the title was a massive success for Xbox.

The RPG may not have had a perfect launch, but it was the most ambitious title from Bethesda, with Microsoft also heavily invested in the game. Thanks to this effort, Starfield has won the Xbox Game of The Year Award at the Golden Joystick Awards.

Why it matters: While the game is expected to be a contender for Game of The Year at TGA, its success has already become apparent one month before this event.

With Bethesda spending a full year to polish the game, Starfield was always bound to be a massive release. It hit a maximum peak of 313K players on Steam while being available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. This alone was a massive achievement for the RPG.

As the most anticipated title for Xbox Series S|X, the game did not fail to deliver on its promises. Bethesda’s efforts led to over 10 million players venturing into the universe in less than a month, while Microsoft also enjoyed a significant boost to console sales after this release.

Although Microsoft offered the likes of Hi-Fi Rush and Forza Motorsport this year, Starfield remained unmatched in its impact and influence on the industry. Therefore, this outcome has not been very surprising.


While the game eventually lost thousands of players, as of last week, it was still averaging 30K players on Steam alone. This is a massive step up for Xbox since the gaming giant had struggled to produce much quality content from its first-party teams until recently.

We believe Starfield deserves all the praise it has received so far. Without a doubt, no other game on the Xbox platform can challenge its quality, influence, and buzz in 2023.

Leading up to launch, Starfield was often the only game being discussed. While it may not have won the biggest award at Golden Joystick, the team at Bethesda has earned a massive victory on the Xbox platform.

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