Modern Warfare 3 Boasts 80% Performance Boost Through DLSS 3

DLSS 3 To Save The Day Again!

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  • Modern Warfare 3 supports DLSS 3 at release.
  • The game runs at around 60-70 FPS at 4K Ultra when using the GeForce RTX 4080.
  • Enabling Frame Generation can lead to around 120-130 FPS, effectively increasing the frame rate by 80%.

Modern Warfare 3 is the latest $70 release from Activision. While the game seems disappointing from the initial reception, its PC optimization is not as bad as many other games this year.

The game supports DLSS 3 at launch, and footage from Nvidia shows that Frame Generation can be used for a massive 80% FPS boost.

Why it matters: Frame Generation should enable Nvidia RTX 40 series owners to play Modern Warfare 3 at much higher settings without sacrificing the frame rates required for a first-person shooter like Call of Duty.

YouTube video

According to Nvidia’s demonstration, an RTX 4080 running at Ultra graphics can only attain 60–70 frames per second at 4K resolution in Modern Warfare 3.

While the frame rate is not terrible, it is undoubtedly not competitive for those looking to do well in multiplayer. Therefore, players are left with two choices: reduce the graphics settings or use DLSS 3 Frame Generation.

Owerns of the RTX 40 series should opt for the latter. This can result in the FPS rising from around 68 to 120-130. In some circumstances, Frame Generation can even result in a 100% FPS increase.

It is important to note that this technology introduces input delay into the game. However, when playing at frame rates above 120, only the most competitive of players will feel this delay.

Since Nvidia has shown campaign footage, multiplayer will be even smoother with Frame Generation, allowing PC players to enjoy a competitive experience with all graphics settings turned up.

DLSS 3 is slowly becoming a necessity for modern games. Even releases like Starfield and Assassin’s Creed Mirage were modded to include support for this technology, highlighting its utility in modern PC gaming.

Fortunately, Modern Warfare 3 does not require mods for higher frame rates.

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