Unity 6 Unveiled With Fantasy Kingdom Demo & New Tools

A New Version of Unity Is Coming!

Story Highlights
  • Unity 6 was recently showcased with a 2024 release date.
  • A new set of tools and products dubbed the Unity Cloud was unveiled alongside the engine.
  • Existing tools utilizing AI will also receive significant upgrades in the future.

Unity is finally upgrading its popular engine that powers hundreds of popular games. The likes of Cuphead and Hollow Knight are brought to life through the engine, and such games will get even better with Unity 6.

The new version of this engine was recently demonstrated during Unite 2023. As seen in the Fantasy Kingdom demo, this upgrade will bring various enhancements to the table.

Why it matters: Despite recent controversies, this engine is still the choice of millions of developers, evidenced by cult classics that were built by its tech.

For starters, fans can expect better performance from games based on the latest version of the engine. Like Unreal Engine 5, Unity 6 boasts improved lighting through enhanced SpeedTree integration.

AI integration is crucial to the engine, highlighting the growing influence of this technology in the gaming industry. At Unite 2023, a new WebGPU graphics backend was also announced, allowing games to run in web browsers.

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Apart from this new engine, the company debuted Unity Cloud, which is designed to streamline game development, making it more creator-focused.

As explained by the producer, Unity Cloud is an ecosystem of features like Unity DevOps, Editor Integrations, Unity Asset Manager, and more. Developers can begin testing these tools immediately since Unity Cloud is already available in early access.

Showcasing its commitment to AI, Unity has highlighted upgrades for Sentis and Muse. The latter will receive features like Behavior, Animate, and Sketch next year, allowing more accessible interactions, animations, and mockups before moving on to the Editor.

Sentis is dedicated to smarter NPCs. As an AI-powered tool, it achieves this purpose by letting developers import AI models in the Unity runtime. With companies like Google creating patents for a similar purpose, NPCs will clearly receive a lot of attention in future games.

While Sentis is free in its current beta phase, Muse requires $30/month. Both tools will be released in 2023, with the former retaining its free price.

Unity 6 and the new tools already sound quite exciting. However, the company was recently surrounded by controversy after it attempted to introduce a fee for developers.

Therefore, it has much to make up for in the future. Perhaps these upgrades will incentivize creators to return to Unity after many claimed they would move away from the company’s products.

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