Bully 2: New GTA 5 Leak Provides More Evidence of Canceled Game

Still Waiting For Bully 2!

Story Highlights
  • Past reports have claimed that a Bully sequel was in development but was later canceled before it could be announced.
  • A new leak from GTA 5 validates such leaks through references to this supposed sequel.
  • The leak also points to scrapped DLC for GTA 5.

Bully recently celebrated its 17th anniversary, and while the game is still considered very special, it is among the few Rockstar franchises that never got a sequel.

Though there has been no shortage of rumors about Bully 2, concrete information about this alleged sequel has been very limited. However, a recent leak from GTA 5 provides evidence that this project was indeed real.

Why it matters: Bully offered a distinct experience for fans, and many believe it deserves a sequel for this reason.

Files from GTA 5 were recently spotted on the internet. The leaked program database files hold information about multiple Rockstar projects, and fans are debugging the files to uncover hidden secrets.

One of the leaked files contained a string named “Bully 2.” Projects like Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 4 are also mentioned, hinting that a Bully sequel was almost certainly in development at one point.

It has been reported that another string was named after Trevor with a jet pack. This may have been part of a story DLC for GTA 5, which was eventually abandoned in favor of work on GTA Online.

As for Bully 2, a former Rockstar developer supposedly revealed more details about a few of the plans for this sequel. The developer claimed a playable build was ready in 2013, which may have been accurate judging from these references.

Unfortunately, Bully 2 is likely to be very low on Rockstar’s list of priorities today. Being a successful live-service developer and a studio that takes many years to create each new game, the studio does not have much of a reason to return to this forgotten IP.

Nonetheless, GTA 6 is the current focus for Rockstar. GTA 6 will receive its first trailer next month, and the game is expected to arrive at some point in 2024 or 2025. This game could be Rockstar’s biggest release to date, towering above everything the studio has put out in the last 20 years.

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