EA Banning Accounts For Profanity; User Loses Every Digital Purchase

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No Purchases Are Safe In Digital Era!

Story Highlights
  • Publishers are now more strict about the code of conduct during gameplay than before.
  • A user has shared that profanity in Apex Legends resulted in a permanent ban for his EA account.
  • This ban means that the user can no longer access or play games that were purchased from EA.

Digital gaming is on the rise, poised to overtake physical games by 2028.

The convenience associated with digital purchases and libraries makes it a compelling option for millions in the gaming industry, but this form of media consumption is not without its downsides.

Since content is regulated and distributed by the platform, the ownership of such games has become a point of contention for many. A recent incident has sparked this debate again after EA banned a user’s account for profanity.

Why it matters: Such incidents highlight that there is a fine line between digital purchases and full ownership. Therefore, there may be some validity to the sentiment that digital media is never yours to own.

Do other game platforms also ban you for saying “stfu” in online chat? Or is it just EA that’s so sensitive?
byu/THEVAN3D inpcmasterrace

In a message shared by u/TheEVAN3D on Reddit, the user claims to have received a permanent ban from EA. Highlighting the reason for this ban, he stated that EA was not pleased with a message written in Apex Legends.

u/TheEVAN3D wrote:


Interestingly, this wasn’t the first ban for this Redditor. In the past, EA had temporarily banned the user for similar messages that broke the company’s code of conduct during online gaming sessions.

According to the Redditor, the latest ban has resulted in him losing access to the EA app, which prevents him from playing single-player games. Therefore, past purchases made by the user are now redundant.

Apex Legends

On Reddit and other platforms, many have been surprised by this story.

Their belief that digital gamers never guarantee ownership has been solidified, while others are angry that such a massive publisher has banned a player from accessing purchased games for a trivial reason.

In the modern era, online gaming is more popular than ever, encouraging publishers to invest in more strict moderation of these sessions. Apart from EA, publishers like Activision are very serious about toxicity during online gameplay.

However, this particular punishment may have been a step too far, leading to grave consequences for the Apex Legends player.

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