Bully Was Released On This Day 17 Years Ago

We Need A Bully Sequel!

During the PlayStation 2 generation, Rockstar Games was firing on all cylinders. The studio released massive hits like GTA San Andreas and Midnight Club 2 on the console, but it also released Bully in 2006.

To this day, Bully is remembered among the studio’s best releases, providing a very different experience than most of Rockstar Games’ other titles. Today, the iconic game celebrates its 17th anniversary.

Why it matters: While the franchise is nearly two decades old, audiences have shown a lot of interest in a sequel, leading to demand for Bully 2.

Bully 17th Anniversary

This release demonstrated Rockstar Games’ ability to tackle different settings, themes, and subjects.

Unlike GTA, the title took a step back, leaning away from themes like gangs and crime. Instead, the game put players in the role of Jimmy Hopkins, a 15-year-old in Bullworth Academy.

While Bully presents a main narrative with different missions, it offers plenty of side content to keep players engaged. Players are required to take two classes daily, unlocking upgrades for Jimmy.

Each class delivers unique perks, but rules are meant to be broken in Bully. Therefore, players can skip classes if they wish, but they risk being caught by the prefects of Bullworth Academy.

These prefects can be a real threat, forcing players to keep an eye out at all times. Aside from all the missions and classes, the game offers plenty of exploration opportunities.

Activities like a carnival allow players to take different rides, while side quests like go-kart races ensure the game rarely feels mundane. These elements came together beautifully over the course of the game, leading to one of Rockstar Games’ best releases to date.

Bully 17th Anniversary

While the game was originally released on the PS2, it is widely available on nearly every modern platform today.

Through backward compatibility, Bully: Scholarship Edition can be enjoyed on the Xbox 360. This version is also available on the PS4, allowing millions of PlayStation users to experience this distinct release from Rockstar Games.

Like most releases from the talented developer, Bully was an immediate hit. It sold over 1.5 million copies upon release, but the studio never showed much interest in returning to the IP.

Recently, rumors have pointed to a canceled build of Bully 2, hinting at a potential sequel. Nonetheless, Rockstar Games appears to be more focused on its biggest blockbuster franchises moving forward. This includes GTA and Red Dead Redemption, with the former expected to receive a new entry by 2025.

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