Silent Hill 2 Trailer Reportedly Showed Old Build From 2023

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Might Explain Poor Visuals & Animations of Remake!

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  • Silent Hill 2 Remake’s latest trailer was shown recently.
  • Many were disappointed following the latest trailer, but a leaker has claimed that the footage showed an old build.
  • He stated that this build was a year old, which may explain the lack of polish.

Silent Hill 2 Remake was recently shown during the State of Play, but it hasn’t been well received by fans as many believe the game needs more time in development before its release.

Following the showcase, a reliable industry insider claims that the latest Silent Hill 2 Remake trailer is identical to the one he saw last year.

Why it matters: Silent Hill is Konami’s second biggest franchise after Metal Gear Solid, so many have been disappointed by the lack of care shown by the recent gameplay.

Following the negative outlook of Silent Hill 2 Remake, Dusk Golem took to Discord and discussed the current build of the game. He states that this footage does not represent the game’s latest build, as it seems nearly identical to a build from May 2023. Dusk Golem said:

“The trailer shown today is very close to the one i saw last may for the record.”

He pointed to a few changes from the footage, including the VHS TV scene. However, elements like the combat and lighting remained the same for the most part.

This could mean many things, but fans are hoping Bloober Team made significant progress on the game during this time. The older build might also be to blame for the janky animations and subpar visuals showcased so far.

Typically, games are shown using older builds, but developers ensure that big trailers do not disappoint. With this being the first time Silent Hill 2 Remake gameplay was showcased, Konami needed to take similar care not to disappoint.

Perhaps the studio should have outlined that footage represented an older build. In any case, it seems the remake needs more work before it is ready. This may also be why Konami did not confirm a release date.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

Since many have called out Konami for the lack of marketing recently, and Bloober Team states that work has been mostly finished, audiences had higher expectations going into the State of Play.

However, Dusk Golem has also left many fans relieved after his recent observations.

While the Silent Hill 2 Remake left an air of disappointment among the fans, Dusk Golem’s statements have sparked new hope for various improvements by the time this title is launched.

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