Abby Actor’s Newborn Son Received Death Threats After TLOU2 Leaks

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Facial Model Also Received Death Threats!

Story Highlights
  • The Last of Us Part 2 leaks revealed the death of Joel.
  • This scene triggered controversial responses, leading to death threats in extreme cases.
  • The voice actor of Abby, Laura Bailey, revealed that some even threatened her newborn son.
  • Similarly, Abby’s facial model was also threatened.

The Last of Us Part 2 has always been a controversial and divisive release. Many fans weren’t satisfied with how Joel was treated, while others couldn’t get over how Abby was spared.

Naughty Dog recently released a new documentary about the game and its history. This documentary highlighted the future of the franchise and discussed the leaks from 2020.

Recalling the infamous Last of Us Part 2 leaks, voice actor Laura Bailey expressed that these leaks led to a dark situation, with some sending death threats to her newborn son.

Why it matters: Following a recently released remaster, The Last of Us Part 2 is fresh in everyone’s mind and has become the center of discussion again.

After the leaks, the fandom learned that Naughty Dog intended to kill Joel early in The Last of Us Part 2. The culprit was none other than Abby, a new character introduced in this game.

However, this led to waves of angry social media users. Sadly, they were quick to direct their anger toward Laura Bailey, who voiced Abby in the game. Reflecting on this situation, she said:

“It was rough … it taught me to keep a distance.”

This is harsh, as her newborn son was never part of the game. Such behavior should never be accepted since death threats achieve nothing meaningful except making lives difficult for artists.

The fact that some took it far enough to drag Laura Bailey’s son into the situation makes it even sadder as this is just inhuman. Similarly, the facial model of Abby became the target of hate online.

While explaining that she received death threats due to her role, she broke down, which was heartbreaking. Ultimately, it shows how many still fail to separate the artists from fictional characters.

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered

The modern era has meant that people are more comfortable than ever sitting behind keyboards and typing anything without considering the consequences. While Naughty Dog’s decision to kill Joel may not have been to everyone’s liking, it does not justify harassment and threats.

The Last of Us Part 2 might not have lived up to everyone’s expectations, but the voice actors and models had no role to play in the events of the narrative.

Even if they did, social media users need to understand that death threats are no light matter. Therefore, such acts need to be stopped. Those who are just trying to do their jobs passionately should be treated with respect, even if the end result of a game or product is not according to everyone’s liking.

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