Hogwarts Legacy: Steam Active Player Base Is Down By Nearly 90%

Hogwarts Legacy Slowing Down?

Hogwarts Legacy is the first Harry Potter game in a long time. The game promised many things, and it is safe to say that fans of the franchise were impressed with Avalanche Software’s work on the game.

The title was an enormous success at launch. Two weeks after launch, Hogwarts Legacy had already sold over 12 million copies, and it managed to gather a huge player base on the Steam platform.

Reaching nearly 900K concurrent players at its peak, Hogwarts Legacy entered the top 10 Steam games. However, this player base has quickly died down since launch, and the game has currently lost nearly 90% of its daily Steam concurrent players.

Hogwarts Legacy Steam
Source: SteamDB

While the game reached a daily peak of over 879K players at its best, it has not crossed the 100K mark for the last week. Recent daily peaks for the game have fallen as low as 75K players.

However, the game is far from inactive. A hundred thousand players may not be huge for a multiplayer title, but single-player games like Hogwarts Legacy are rarely able to retain this many players.

Previously, popular games like Elden Ring have seen a similar trend. The game is likely to see another surge in player counts once it goes on sale and a new audience joins the wizarding world.

In the coming months, Hogwarts Legacy will be released on last-gen consoles and the Nintendo Switch. This will bring the game to the public’s attention again and could also help it regain some of its lost player base, in addition to any future discounts on the game.

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