Silent Hill 2 Remake Trailer Left Fans Extremely Disappointed

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"It Looks Nowhere Near Finished"

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  • Silent Hill 2 Remake received a new trailer earlier this week.
  • Following the latest trailer, fans believe that the game needs more time in development.
  • They have pointed to poor animations and sound effects, claiming that the game needs to be polished further.

Konami is planning to make a comeback with remakes like Silent Hill 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3. These franchises already received new entries in 2023, and while Silent Hill Ascension became Konami’s worst-rated release, fans remained hopeful for the remake.

A new trailer for Silent Hill 2 Remake was recently shown at State of Play. Following the trailer, what began as excitement quickly turned into concern for this project, with many fans now claiming that this project does not look finished.

Why it matters: The original Silent Hill 2 from 2 decades ago is still considered the best release in the franchise and the overall horror games genre.

How are we feeling so far about the Silent Hill 2 Remake??
byu/DifferentAd9713 insilenthill

Once PlayStation wrapped up the State of Play, fans took to Reddit and discussed their thoughts on the game. Most weren’t happy and expressed their disappointment at various parts of the trailer.

The most popular comment under the thread states:

“I hope the delays cause it to get cooked in the oven a little more.”

Most of the fans are also pointing out the use of a pistol and its sound, saying it sounds very fake and unimpressive in the game. Others have also highlighted the lighting in the remake, saying it does not do much to uplift or preserve the atmosphere.

While fans remain cautiously optimistic, they have shown concerns about Konami rushing Bloober Team to finish development. Last month, this developer stated that work on the remake was nearly finished.

However, this footage does not look ready just yet. Another fan stated:

“I feel concerned Konami would be the ones forcing Bloober Team to shove the game out the door unoptimized.”

Silent Hill 2 Remake
Silent Hill 2 Remake


Still, some are happy with how Silent Hill 2 Remake looks and are excited to play the game whenever it is released.

We believe the game’s current state may be why Konami refrained from confirming a release date. According to reports, this trailer showed an old build, so there is still some hope for the remake.

This is encouraging since Silent Hill 2 is up there as one of gaming’s best horror releases. Therefore, it deserves a lot of respect, and we don’t mind waiting longer if it helps Bloober Team deliver a better product.

It remains to be seen how Silent Hill 2 Remake will perform at launch, but we hope that it helps revive the series in the long run. Horror games have been doing better than ever since last year, making it exciting to see what Konami has to offer.

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