Xbox’s Sea of Thieves Headed To PS5/Switch, Says Insider

Hi-Fi Rush Also Expected!

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  • Recent rumors have pointed to Xbox bringing first-party games to PlayStation and Nintendo.
  • Leaker Jeff Grubb claims that Sea of Thieves will be released on other platforms.
  • Hi-Fi Rush is also rumored, but an official announcement is yet to be made.

Ever Since Nate The Hate claimed that an Xbox game could be headed to other consoles, rumors have pointed to the possibility of Microsoft bringing Hi-Fi Rush to more platforms.

Amid rumors of various multiplatform releases, another insider has now claimed that Sea of Thieves, Xbox’s popular live-service game, will soon be released on more consoles.

Why it matters: Sea of Thieves is among Xbox’s biggest first-party titles, reaching 30 million players, thanks to constant updates, new content, and support.

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Famous leaker Jeff Grubb has now addressed the recent rumors in a Giant Bomb podcast, claiming that he has also heard about Microsoft’s intentions to bring one of its many first-party titles to a rival platform. He stated:

“Sea of Thieves, I’ve heard that was one that might be coming to other platforms.”

When asked about Hi-Fi Rush, Grubb claimed that he has yet to hear anything about this game. He went on to speculate that this may not have been decided yet, and Xbox could still be considering its options. The leaker said:

“It might just be a case-by-case thing.”

Another newsletter from former Axios member Stephen Totilio points to Sea of Thieves coming to other platforms in early 2024. Therefore, while there are doubts about Hi-Fi Rush going multiplatform, a new release for Rare’s live-service pirate adventure appears to be locked in.

We believe this is a wise decision from Xbox, even if it may upset a few of the more hardcore fans. A game like Sea of Thieves lives and dies by its community, so expanding it to more players can only be a good thing.

Offering a few exclusives like the highly-rated Hi-Fi Rush on other platforms every now and then could also help bring more players over to Xbox consoles eventually.

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According to Grubb, these plans have been in motion for a while. Unlike many rumors, these reports are not baseless and should result in concrete announcements soon.

With the rumblings of an Xbox Developer Direct next week, everything should be cleared up soon. Microsoft will likely use this event to make this massive announcement, in addition to highlighting its biggest games of the year.

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