Multiple Harry Potter Games In The Works After Recent Success

The Magical World Will Grow!

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  • The Warner Bros. President says more wizarding projects are in the plans.
  • Quidditch Champions is the only confirmed project so far.
  • The upcoming titles will let fans become a part of the world in much deeper ways.

Hogwarts Legacy has cemented its place as one of the most popular IPs of this year. It was the best-selling game of 2023, and according to Variety, Warner Bros wants to capitalize on the success with more titles set in the Wizarding world.

Why it matters: The game is still soaring a year after its launch. Fans have been craving more titles similar to this entry, and Warner Bros is keen on living up to these expectations.

Hogwarts Legacy

Following Hogwarts Legacy, the next planned title is Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions and Warner Bros is anticipating a similar level of success with this release.

The former shipped without the popular Quidditch sport, and Warner Bros decided to turn the sport into a standalone game with multiplayer. Rumors suggest that a new Harry Potter LEGO game is also in development.

Talking about the upcoming projects, the Warner Bros President stated that a series of other things are also planned. He said:

“They will let the fans be part of this world and stories and characters in deeper and deeper ways.”

Going by job listings, a direct sequel to Hogwarts Legacy is likely to be part of this plan as well. Owing to the massive success of the original, the sequel is pretty much confirmed, minus an official announcement.

Hogwarts Legacy

Similar to the recent films, more games could allow Warner Bros to expand the IP to different periods and settings. Films like Fantastic Beast have shown that the IP has more to offer than a limited period, opening up even more opportunities for future adaptations.

We hope to learn more about these titles soon, but for now, Quidditch Champions is the only announced project. This game could mark a live service push for Harry Potter, combining the popularity of the IP and the thrilling nature of this sport for a special multiplayer experience.

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