Stellar Blade Became PS5 Exclusive For Optimal Experience, Says Dev

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Wanted To Release Complete Game on Single Platform!

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  • Stellar Blade developers say that they chose PlayStation for a more optimal experience.
  • They wanted to release a completed game on a single platform.
  • Stellar Blade launches on the PS5 on April 26, 2024.

Stellar Blade arrives on the PS5 in less than three months. Developer Shift Up has used games like Bayonetta and Nier Automata as inspiration, creating one of the most interesting hack-and-slash titles exclusively for PlayStation in 2024. 

Ahead of the launch, the developers have revealed why they chose PlayStation over the other platforms. PlayStation 5 offers a more optimal gaming experience, and that’s what the studio was after, says Stellar Blade Director Kim Hyung Tae.

Why it matters: The console rivalry seems to be coming to an end after Microsoft’s remodeled strategy surfaced online. So, studios choosing PlayStation as their preferred publisher is expected to become even more of a recurring pattern.

According to Kim, Shift Up wanted to focus on a single platform. With PlayStation being the lead platform, this choice was not difficult to make for the studio. He said:

“We had the feeling we wanted to release a highly complete game on a single platform.”

Further elaborating on the discussion, the director stated that he had been a massive PlayStation fan since childhood. This did not factor into the exclusivity but made this opportunity even more exciting for him.

In the past, a former Rockstar developer made a similar statement, claiming that studios prefer PlayStation. These reactions show that PlayStation is in complete control of the market for now.

Stellar Blade

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X share the same chipset, but the latter offers more powerful hardware overall. Despite this difference, studios do not seem to have any problems abandoning Xbox.

Recent reports suggest Microsoft is no longer too keen on supporting the Xbox hardware. If true, more games could follow Stellar Blade’s approach, going for PlayStation exclusivity since missing out on Xbox is not too harmful.

The rest of Microsoft’s rumored plans include porting various exclusives to the PlayStation 5. With all the Xbox games and PlayStation’s exclusives, the PlayStation 5 is shaping up to be the console of choice for everyone.

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