Final Fantasy 14 Open Beta Gets 21st Feb Date For Xbox Series S|X

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  • Final Fantasy 14 was announced last year for the Xbox Series S|X consoles.
  • The open beta of the game will finally be out in the next two weeks.
  • Following the open beta, the full game will be released soon after the beta ends. 

Last year, Xbox officially announced a new partnership with Square Enix, confirming that Final Fantasy 14 would arrive on the console a decade after its release. Amid this partnership, the publisher is finally ready to bring this MMO to the platform.

Several months later, Square Enix confirmed the dates for the first beta test of this game. Final Fantasy 14 begins testing on the Xbox Series S|X on the 21st of February.

Why it matters: Final Fantasy is one of the biggest franchises in Japan. Having sold over 185 million units worldwide, this beta could be the beginning of a bigger collaboration between Microsoft and Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 14

This announcement was made two hours ago on the official website of Final Fantasy 14.

It has been confirmed that the open beta will not be available for the players who already have an account in the game. It’s made for newcomers, so those who have never played the game are welcome to enjoy the open beta.

The official announcement states:

“The open beta test will only be available to new players playing Final Fantasy 14 for the first time.”

Once the game is fully released, everyone will be able to join in. While no exact date has been provided yet, the developers intend to launch the game shortly after the open beta ends.

Final Fantasy 14

The developers have also confirmed that beta players will be able to transfer their data to the final version. Therefore, those who enjoy the test should not worry about losing progress.

Xbox Series X players will be able to enjoy Final Fantasy 14 in 4K. Thanks to this console’s capabilities, it will offer a smooth experience in terms of frame rate apart from the sharp visuals.

Recent rumors suggest that Final Fantasy 16 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake will also receive Xbox Series S|X ports. Therefore, this beta could be a fresh start for this JRPG IP on Xbox.

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