Square Enix Partners With Xbox To Bring New Games When Possible

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Could Potentially Go To Xbox!

Over the last few years, Square Enix has made various exclusivity deals with PlayStation, including massive games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The gaming giant also launched Final Fantasy 16 as a timed exclusive for PS5 recently.

This has led to a deteriorating relationship between Square Enix and Microsoft. Recent titles like Octopath Traveler 2 have skipped Xbox consoles, launching on platforms like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

However, the Japanese publisher has promised to launch new titles on Xbox when possible.

Why it matters: Phil Spencer and Xbox have been trying to improve relationships with studios in Japan. These efforts have been successful with studios like Sega, and Square Enix appears to be next in line.

Several years after the popular Final Fantasy MMO was released, Final Fantasy 14 is coming to Xbox Series X|S in 2024. Following this announcement, the CEO of Square Enix joined Phil Spencer and Naoki Yoshida on the stage.

CEO Takashi Kiryu confirmed future collaboration with Xbox and said:

“We want to continue to deliver fabulous games to fans across the world, and we want to welcome the Xbox community as well.”

“Starting with Final Fantasy XIV, and whenever possible.”

Phil Spencer has previously mentioned efforts to improve relationships with the publisher. This is part of a larger focus on more Japanese games on Xbox. Following the announcement, Phil Spencer said:

“We also see this as a seminal moment in our relationship as we look forward to partner more closely in the future.”

He also mentioned that he deeply respects the legacy of Square Enix and is looking forward to building a relationship. The core of the relationship seems to revolve around Final Fantasy for Xbox.

The CEO’s statement implies that exclusivity deals are unlikely to go away in the future. However, Square Enix may be encouraged to release titles like Final Fantasy 16 on Xbox after the timed-exclusivity period.

Previously, Final Fantasy 7 Remake arrived on PC after over a year of PS4 exclusivity. However, Xbox consoles are yet to receive the remake of the popular JRPG. Following the new partnership, this could change.

Square Enix could also consider releasing the remakes as a collection after the trilogy is completed.

Recent partnerships have led to day-one Game Pass releases from studios like Sega. However, Microsoft intends to pursue more partnerships in the region.

Square Enix has been leaning on PlayStation’s side recently, which has led to Microsoft considering a buyout of the company in 2019. Nonetheless, the announcement could mark a new beginning for both gaming giants.

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