Final Fantasy 7 Remake Possibly Heading to Xbox, Insider Reveals

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  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be coming to Xbox, according to reliable insider Jez Corden.
  • Corden states he has “evidence” indicating talks about the game coming to Xbox are happening.

After its launch on PS4 in 2020, fans of the series have eagerly anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s availability on Xbox. Despite the game being available on PlayStation 5 and PC, Xbox users never got the chance to play it on their console.

However, rumors about Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming to Xbox are up again. Jez Corden, a reliable insider, insists that the game is making its way to Xbox soon enough.

Why it matters: Last year, Final Fantasy 7 Remake reached a 7 million sales milestone. If it is released on Xbox, sales are likely to increase, helping the franchise continue for several more years.

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Although these rumors have surfaced before, this one is significant since it’s from Jez, who is reputable for accurate leaks. While talking on the Xbox Two podcast, Jez Corden stated that he has evidence that discussions about Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Xbox debut are underway.

He said:

“Discussions are happening about Final Fantasy 7 Remake for Xbox.”

Jez further explained that Square Enix and PlayStation would not want to announce the Remake on Xbox yet, as Rebirth’s launch is around the corner. However, he believes that it will happen eventually, and we’ll see the game on Xbox.

Last year, Jez claimed that Final Fantasy 16 and other remakes would certainly make their way to Xbox. The insider hinted at possible internal conversations between Square Enix and Xbox officials.

It would make sense for Square Enix to launch their latest title on Xbox, given that Final Fantasy 16 did not meet its sales expectations.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Microsoft’s bold acquisitions of major third-party publishers indicate a deliberate effort to reshape the gaming scene. Meanwhile, Sony grapples with maintaining its distinct appeal and addressing fan worries about the increasing likelihood of PlayStation games showing up on other platforms.

This new rumor, while short, sparks curiosity. Although the specifics are unclear, the mere idea is exciting for the Xbox users. Xbox gamers yearn for the chance to dive into the world of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The detailed story, well-written characters, and impressive graphics have won hearts globally.

The possibility of exploring this iconic world on Xbox is a big deal, not just for player joy but also for expanding the game’s audience. Bringing the remake to Xbox could reconnect with former fans and introduce the game to a whole new player base.

In 2022, Xbox users filed a petition against Square Enix for not releasing Final Fantasy 7 Remake on Xbox. The petition gained almost 1500 signatures in total, and some users were calling for a complete Square Enix boycott.

However, it appears that their desire to play the highly praised RPG may soon become a reality.

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