Dying Light 2 Receives 3x Performance Boost With FSR 3 Mod

All AMD & RTX20/30 GPUs Supported!

Story Highlights
  • Dying Light 2 has received a new AMD FSR 3.0 mod.
  • Despite the typical boost to performance, the mod has a few issues.
  • It supports all AMD GPUs, in addition to RTX 20 and 30 series graphics cards.

Modern AAA games are visually intense and require high-end graphics cards. Additionally, PC games were notoriously unoptimized in 2023, further exacerbating the performance issues.

However, modders have been able to deliver better performance through AMD FSR 3 and DLSS 3 mods. Games like The Witcher 3 and Starfield support such mods, and the latest title to receive unofficial FSR 3 support is Dying Light 2.

Why it matters: Dying Light 2 can be quite challenging to run for mid-range hardware once ray-tracing is enabled, making this mod useful for the masses.

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A member of the renowned mods forum Nexusmods, Dragoncosmico, has uploaded the AMD FSR 3.0 Frame Generation mod, based on the FSR 2.0 to FSR 3.0 bridge by LukeFZ.

Although the mod is still in the beta phase behind the Patreon wall, this file can be downloaded from Nexusmods. What makes this mod stand out is the fact that it works on all AMD GPUs and Nvidia’s older RTX series.

LukeFZ’s mod can nearly triple the frame rate in Dying Light 2. Testing with a Radeon RX 7900XT at 1440p shows frame rates jumping to over 150 compared to around 60FPS at native resolution.

Therefore, this mod is worth downloading for those looking to enjoy the game with higher settings. However, since FSR 3 Frame Generation is not officially supported, it can lead to a few issues.

Notably, input lag is introduced in the game. The mod can also cause artifacts on certain UI elements, though these may be worth the trade-off of gaining 3x the frame rates.

Similar mods have also been created for games like The Last of Us Part 1, highlighting the proficiency of the modding scene.

Dying light 2

As the Nexusmods description states, Frame Generation for Dying Light 2 is currently in beta. LukeFZ is still working on the project, so fans can expect a more complete mod at a later date.

Dying Light 2 launched in early 2022, coming with various problems on the technical side. However, it included ray tracing and was praised for breathtaking visuals, which can now be enjoyed without massive performance hitches through this mod.

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