The Last Of Us Part 1 Receives Massive 70% FPS Boost Thanks To FSR 3 Mod

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Major Boost To Performance!

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  • The Last of Us Part 1 runs quite well on PC after various updates.
  • Those in search of extra performance can use the AMD FSR 3 mod for nearly 70% higher frame rates.
  • This mod makes the game more fluid and enjoyable.

Earlier this year, The Last of Us Part 1 debuted on PC. What was expected to be the grand arrival of this beloved PlayStation IP on PC quickly became a disaster, however, after it was bombed with negative reviews due to a poor port.

Nearly a year later, the port is in a better state. VRAM consumption has been normalized, and textures have been improved drastically. An AMD FSR 3 mod has also been introduced for the game.

Why it matters: AMD FSR 3 is expected to rival Nvidia’s frame generation, but it is currently available in a select few games.

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The mod is available for LukeFZ’s Patreon subscribers and can bring a 60 to 70% performance boost to the game.

The video shared by Macer shows that the game runs with 60-70 more FPS after frame generation is applied at 1440p resolution. This means that it rarely falls below the 140FPS range.

Typically, this is the frame rate range recommended for the technology since it helps counter input delay. A similar improvement can also be seen in games like Dead Space Remake through the FSR 3 mod.

Being a single-player title, The Last of Us Part 1 does not need more than 60FPS for an enjoyable playthrough, but no PC gamer will complain about additional performance. The game is now fully functional on the platform and becomes even better with this mod.

On the subject of The Last of Us, Naughty Dog is remastering the second game for PS5. This remaster will be released for the PS5 next month but could end up benefiting the PC crowd.

Like the remake, Naughty Dog may have plans to bring this version of the game to PC, completing one of the best gaming IPs on the platform.

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