Marvel’s Blade: Arkane Lyon Confirmed To Be Using Void Engine Again

Staying Away From Unreal Engine Unlike Arkane Austin!

Story Highlights
  • Arkane Lyon is working on Marvel’s Blade on the Void Engine.
  • Deathloop was the last game to use this engine, but after Arkane Austin switched to Unreal Engine, many believed Arkane Lyon would do the same.
  • However, the Void Engine has been confirmed.

Hot off the heels of Deathloop’s success, Arkane Lyon dropped a major reveal at The Game Awards last week. The studio has been working on Marvel’s Blade for nearly two years, potentially creating Xbox’s own Spider-Man rival.

With this project still in early development, there is not much information to dive into for now, but Arkane Lyon seems to be returning to its trusty Void Engine for the project.

Why it matters: The industry is shifting away from proprietary engines after the recent innovations in Unreal Engine 5. This has resulted in studios like CD Projekt RED and more abandoning their own impressive in-house tech for Unreal Engine.

Arkane Lyon Marvel's Blade Void Engine
Source: Twitter

Thomas Mothe is working as a Senior Lighting Artist for Arkane Lyon.

The developer’s LinkedIn profile highlights his experience as part of teams like EA Motive and Eidos Montreal. More importantly, however, it seems to confirm that Marvel’s Blade will not use Unreal Engine.

As mentioned earlier, Unreal Engine is on its way to becoming the new standard for AAA development. Thanks to shared tools and compelling features, various studios are in favor of Unreal Engine 5.

What makes this interesting is the fact that Arkane Austin recently shifted to Unreal Engine. The infamously poor Redfall utilized Unreal Engine 4, leading many to believe that Arkane Lyon would follow suit.

Arkane Austin also appeared to struggle with the engine quite a bit. Redfall initially lacked a 60FPS mode on consoles, and performance on PC was less than stellar, to say the least.

According to reports, many of these issues were caused by the studio coming to terms with Unreal Engine’s technology. If true, Arkane Lyon likely made a wise choice by using the Void Engine.

Marvel Blade

The Void Engine most recently powered Deathloop. While not the most graphically impressive game in 2021, the first-person shooter exuded an artistic look unique to Arkane Lyon’s work.

Therefore, fans can expect a similar implementation for Marvel’s Blade since concept art and the reveal show that the team is aiming for a stylized look again.

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