Insider Suggests Final Fantasy 16 And Remakes Could Be Headed To Xbox

After New Partnership Between Xbox & Square Enix!

Xbox lacked the support of Japanese developers for quite a while, but it hopes to collaborate with developers to bring more Japanese games to the platform. Recently, Xbox also partnered with Square Enix to bring Final Fantasy 14 to the console.

Many have wondered if this partnership would open the doors to Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 16 on Xbox consoles. While Phil Spencer has said the final decision is up to Square Enix, an insider suggests plans are in motion to bring the series to Xbox.

Why it matters: While Final Fantasy has recently found its home on PlayStation, earlier entries like Final Fantasy 15 were released for Xbox consoles, making the sudden shift an odd decision for Xbox users.

During a recent podcast, Jez Corden, who is a reliable industry insider, talked about the fact that Phil Spencer listens to his Xbox community and addresses their grievances.

Speaking about the Xbox and Square Enix partnership, Jez Corden said that he was initially pessimistic about the deal, thinking it would be limited to games like Octopath Traveler for Xbox.

However, he has heard positive information from his sources. During the podcast, Jez Corden said:

“It could be a full blown deal for all SE games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake or Final fantasy 16 etc coming to Xbox.”

He elaborated that this process would be gradual and require time, but many Xbox users will be glad to know that internal conversations are underway to bring these popular games to more platforms.

Final Fantasy 16 Square Enix

We believe this will be a crucial move for Square Enix. Industry analysts and executives have not been too impressed with the performance of Final Fantasy 16, but a release on more platforms could help the game flourish in the coming years.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be released next year, but it will be a PS5 exclusive for just three months. This may be a sign of things to come, with Square Enix looking to reduce its reliance on PlayStation.

Nonetheless, the future sounds exciting for Square Enix and Xbox. Both companies have something to gain from a partnership, which has likely encouraged the Japanese gaming giant to pursue a closer relationship with Xbox.

On the other hand, PlayStation is expected to remain a close ally for Square Enix, allowing the company to use both platforms for growth in the future.

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