Xbox Hardware Is Dead In Microsoft’s Point of View, It’s Claimed

Might Be The End of Xbox Consoles!

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  • Recently, rumors pointed to Xbox exclusives like Starfield and Indiana Jones going to PlayStation.
  • This is happening as Microsoft believes Xbox Hardware is dead.
  • Xbox’s current-generation consoles have been struggling against the PS5 as the sales difference is huge.

With a strong market share, PlayStation has sold 50 million PS5 consoles so far. On the other hand, Microsoft’s hardware is struggling, with the last official information putting console sales at over 21 million.

Xbox is reportedly going a completely different route now. The gaming giant seems to have decided on releasing first-party games on other platforms, including PlayStation. One major reason for this decision is the poor performance of Xbox hardware.

Why it matters: Microsoft might not create another Xbox, leaving many concerned about the future of their digital libraries on the platform.

Microsoft seems to be directly pulling the strings in this case. As reported by XcloudTimdog, this decision was made because Microsoft thinks Xbox hardware is dead.

XcloudTimdog said:

“They said the hardware is dead, and they are seeing declines in hardware year over year.”

According to the report, the Xbox Series S|X are less wanted than the Xbox One, which is shocking.

This statement is not without proof since the sales have been declining. Xbox 360 sold extremely well, but Microsoft has not found the same success in the last 11 years. Xbox went with a different approach this generation, but that didn’t work either.

So, Microsoft is looking to try another route to address the problem. However, this seems like an irrational decision, considering Xbox is practically pulling out from the competition with this move.

As per the ongoing rumors, Xbox is going multiplatform by releasing its exclusive games on PlayStation. The rumors highlight Starfield and Indiana Jones & The Great Circle as various games heading toward PlayStation.

Xbox Series X

Elsewhere, the same report states Call of Duty might not arrive on Game Pass as Microsoft pivots to a new role as a publisher.

This could have been a year where Xbox surprised the industry, but it seems Microsoft had different plans.

If the decision had been made by higher-ups at Microsoft, Phill Spencer might not have had much to say about it. As the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer has been working to strengthen the Xbox brand.

However, his work may not amount to much if the console business heads in this direction. It could also lead to a PlayStation monopoly in high-end console gaming, with little choice for consumers.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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