PS6 Expected To Be Most Powerful Next-Gen Console In 2028

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Sony Aiming To Win Over Xbox Hardware!

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  • A new report suggests that Sony is targeting a 2028 release date for the PS6.
  • According to the leak, this console is aiming to be the most powerful next-generation hardware on the market.
  • The PS6 will focus on ray tracing and path tracing primarily.
  • Machine learning is also another key part of Sony’s next console.

Though the PS5 just celebrated its third anniversary and recently sold 50 million units, rumors about the PS6 have already begun to show up.

Popular YouTuber and leaker Red Gaming Tech has also discussed the current information on this console, stating that sources believe Sony is aiming to create the most powerful next-generation console.

Why it matters: Last generation, the Xbox Series X became the most powerful console. However, it seems Sony is not keen on repeating this scenario.

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In the past, Red Gaming Tech reported on various details about PlayStation hardware, including the upcoming PS5 Pro, which is expected to arrive this year.

According to his sources, Sony is in talks with AMD to power the PS6. He states that the console has been in the works for a year already, but Sony is planning multiple features for the console.

Specs like CPU and RAM are still not decided for the PS6, and Sony hasn’t reached out to Nvidia or any other vendors yet, which wasn’t the case with the development of the PS5. It seems Sony is committed to working with AMD exclusively for its next console.

The PS5 Pro is currently expected to ship with a 60CU RDNA 3.5 GPU. Combined with higher bandwidth memory and a slightly overhauled Zen 2 CPU, this console will be a notable jump over the base hardware.

Going by these specifications, it is easy to see the PS6 bringing a jump for this class of hardware. The PS5 Pro is rumored to include machine learning features, but this will be a primary focus for Sony moving forward.

The leaker mentions that ray tracing and path tracing will be major components for next-generation consoles, in addition to AI features. He also suggests that Sony will wait for Xbox to release its console first, which is expected to arrive in 2026.

Red predicts the use of AMD RDNA 6 for the console. He also suggests the use of a matrix core, hinting at the use of AMD’s data center technology, which would further aid Sony’s goal of relying on AI.

Sony seems to be targeting a 2028 release date for the console to ensure that it can make the most powerful hardware possible, thogh fans believe this may still be a bit too early for another hardware launch.

PlayStation PS5 Pro
PS5 Pro Concept Art

While talking about the PS5 Pro, Red states that Sony has already rolled out dev kits for the mid-gen upgrade. Though he doesn’t know the release date for PlayStation 5 Pro, the distribution of dev kits suggests that its launch isn’t that far.

Still, with the launch of the PS6 at least four years away, it may be best to take this information with a grain of salt. These plans are always subject to change, so nothing can be said for sure till the launch draws nearer.

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