Xbox Series S|X Reportedly Sold 27 Million Units

Nearly 2x Gap In PlayStation & Xbox Sales!

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  • The PlayStation 5 has sold 50 million units since its release three years ago.
  • A recent investor call revealed that Xbox Series S|X and PS5 have sold 77 million units collectively.
  • Therefore, the Xbox Series S|X have sold around 27 million units since release.

There is a massive divide between PlayStation and Xbox sales this generation. While both have quality hardware, Microsoft has not revealed accurate console sales figures. On the other hand, Sony confirmed that the PlayStation 5 sold 50 million units by December last year.

While the Xbox Series S|X figures were unknown, Take-Two’s recent investor meeting showed a figure revealing 77 million sales for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles this generation. Therefore, Microsoft likely sold around 27 million Xbox Series S|X consoles.

Why it matters: The difference between the sales of PlayStation and Xbox consoles has increased since the launch of Xbox One.

Take Two Report
Console Sales via Take-Two Report

This difference is massive but not too surprising. According to unofficial data, the Xbox Series S|X are selling slightly worse than the Xbox One last generation.

For reference, an internal Microsoft presentation indicated 21 million sales for these consoles by June 2023. Therefore, in six months, Microsoft only sold around 7 million more units.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 5 saw a surge in sales this year. It made several new records for PlayStation, establishing itself as the clear market leader of the current generation.

Take-Two’s figure also revealed that around 3.4 billion people played games in 2023. Furthermore, 88 billion mobile games were downloaded in the same period, showing the current trajectory of the industry.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 (Image By Tech4Gamers)

While both PlayStation and Xbox offer various properties unique to their hardware, the current gap is concerning. This may be one reason Microsoft is losing confidence in the hardware department, leading to plans for a bigger third-party push.

Leaks also point to an early start for Xbox during the next generation. With a 2026 launch in the works, Microsoft may be able to improve its current situation.

The gaming giant has also gathered an impressive list of first-party games for the coming years. All of these factors come together to shake up the competition in a meaningful way, but PlayStation is comfortably leading for the time being.

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