Helldivers 2 Has Surpassed 3 Million Units Sold

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PC Player Count Exceeded Past PlayStation Games Combined!

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  • The Helldivers 2 creative director hints that the title has crossed 3 million units sold.
  • The server capacity has also been significantly increased to accommodate 800K players.
  • The Steam reviews have moved from ‘Mixed’ to ‘Mostly Positive’ again.

After managing to sell 1 million copies in just three days, Helldivers 2 has achieved yet another feat. The title has sold over 3 million units after it was expected to be forgotten soon due to PlayStation’s limited marketing.

Why it matters: This game is quickly setting a new standard for AA titles and developers. In the coming years, more studios could adopt a similar approach due to this success.

The CEO of Arrowhead and creative director of Helldivers 2, Johan Pilestedt, has teased this new milestone on Twitter. He replied to a fan speculating that 3 million sales were already in the bag, implying that the game is on its way to 4 million units sold.

Helldivers 2 has only been on the market for under three weeks. Following the first million sales, the game has sold another 2 million units in just over two weeks, averaging around 1 million sales each week.

Meanwhile, the game’s Steam concurrent player counts continue to impress. With the co-op shooter reaching nearly 460K concurrent players on Steam alone, Arrowhead has recently increased its server capacity to accommodate 800K concurrent players.

While recent reviews fell down to ‘mixed’ on Steam in the wake of recent issues, they have gone back to ‘mostly positive’ following this update.

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2 Screenshot

Also, this is a great time to point out how cooperative Arrowhead has been with the audience. The CEO has constantly addressed fan feedback on Twitter and positively reacted to it.

Through constant effort, the team has resolved nearly all issues. Helldivers 2 has become so popular that fans have now started a petition to bring it to Xbox. For the first time in years, this is something fans of all platforms agree on.

The game has come as a peace treaty to console wars.

It should be noted that Helldivers 2 is now a bigger deal than all PlayStation games on PC combined.

In terms of concurrent player counts on Steam, no Sony game can even come close to showcasing the benefits of day-one PC releases. Perhaps this will become the catalyst for a similar approach to future first-party titles.

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