Helldivers 2 Sold Nearly 1 Million Units In 3 Days

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Blowing Through The Sales Expectations!

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  • Helldivers 2 has nearly achieved the milestone of 1 million copies sold.
  • Arrowhead’s CEO states the sales have exceeded expectations.
  • The game saw a resurgence of positive reviews after recent updates fixed multiple issues.

Arrowhead and PlayStation recently launched their much-anticipated multiplayer title, Helldivers 2. Just three days after launch, the title has exploded and has already sold around a million copies.

Why it matters: These results might not match the success of PlayStation’s biggest IPs, but they are certainly great for the sequel to an underrated PlayStation game.

The CEO of Arrowhead and creative director for Helldivers 2, Johan Pilestedt, has stated that they’ve blown through the sales estimates, making the title a huge success.

Even a few hours before the launch, the shooter game had already beaten Palworld to become the best-selling game on Steam.

We are blowing through the (sales) estimates at least

-Arrowhead CEO

The game now boasts mostly positive reviews after a rocky start. Over on Metacritic, user scores have started pouring in, putting the game at a sold 85/100 score. Similar review scores are expected from media outlets.

It also reached certain other milestones for PlayStation games on PC. Helldivers 2 beat God of War as Sony’s biggest launch on PC, with a peak of over 80K concurrent players. But the growth didn’t stop there, as the game recently hit a peak count of over 155K concurrent players.

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2 Encourages Co-op Gameplay

We recently discussed how Sony must keep supporting its multiplayer games to excel in this very saturated market. Arrowhead listening to the fans and updating the game to make it better is the right way to go about it.

Many are speculating that this might even lead to Sony acquiring Arrowhead. While the gaming giant’s decision remains to be seen, if Sony can invest heavily and lead to even better games from Arrowhead, this could be a good idea.

The successful launch should tempt Sony to invest more in multiplayer multiplatform games.

In the end, having a good variety of great games is always wonderful for the audience. Helldivers 2 already selling 1 million copies is a huge milestone, and it is expected to do even better as the game matures.

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