Insomniac Didn’t Use 90% of Venom Dialogue In Spider-Man 2

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May Have Saved More For Future Spin-off!

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  • Insomniac didn’t use most of Tony Todd’s recorded lines in Spider-Man 2.
  • The studio initially wanted Miles to become the host of the Symbiote for an unexpected turn.
  • These comments have given rise to speculation about a Venom spin-off.

Insomniac has finally given fans the definitive edition of Venom in a game with Spider-Man 2. As the studio’s best-rated release in recent years, the narrative has been one of the highlights of this title.

The studio picked Tony Todd to portray its threatening take on this foe. This iteration of the character was so popular that players quickly found a glitch to play as him in free roam.

However, it appears Venom saw minimal use in the narrative, and more may have been planned initially. According to Tony Todd, Insomniac didn’t use 90% of the dialogue he recorded for the character.

Why it matters: Tony Todd’s performance was one of the strongest parts of the game, making it surprising that it wasn’t used to its full extent.

Revealing some intriguing details about the game at Fan Expo San Francisco, Venom actor Tony Todd asserted that the studio had plans to use Miles Morales as the host of the infamous Symbiote for an interesting twist in the story.

This didn’t make it into the final game, however, with the Symbiote being limited to Peter Parker. Tony Todd also revealed that only 10% of his voice lines were part of Spider-Man 2.

While it is natural for studios to remove and cut some parts, this interview has led to speculation about Insomniac saving the dialogue for future content. This could include a Venom spin-off.

Not too long ago, Insomniac commented on a potential game for Venom, claiming that it would depend on fan demand. Therefore, the voice actor’s comment might be yet another hint at this supposed game.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man 2 has been out for over a month and has already sold over 5 million units. While the studio has recently wrapped up this massive project, it has begun to plan Spider-Man 3, recently teasing an epic adventure for the third entry.

Since Spider-Man 3 might be a few years away, a small game based on Venom would help keep fans engaged till then. Unlike Spider-Man, the antagonist relies on brute strength and a relentless combat style, making him interesting for players.

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