Playable Venom Glitch Has Been Removed From Spider-Man 2

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  • Players discovered a glitch in Spider-Man 2 that allowed them to play as Venom.
  • The glitch has been removed in the latest patch from Insomniac Games.
  • This bug was removed because it was leading to corrupted saves for various players.

Insomniac has released the first patch for Spider-Man 2, which has fixed many game issues. This patch has addressed various bugs in the game, but it also deprives players of an exciting glitch, preventing them from playing as Venom.

While gaining control of Venom required players to follow a glitch, multiple players reported that this glitch no longer works after the latest patch.

Why it matters: These bugs can often be an entertaining aspect of the gaming experience and, in some cases, even enhance gameplay by introducing unpredictability.

Marvel's Spider-Man

While Spider-Man 2 allows players to control either Peter or Miles, players used the glitch to terrify folks in New York City as Venom.

As expected, this wasn’t a perfect experience. Since Venom wasn’t designed to be used by players, he can appear quite unnatural when walking around New York. However, many still found this experience enjoyable.

Interestingly, this glitch wasn’t specifically mentioned in the patch notes. Therefore, it is possible that Insomniac did not target the bug, and it stopped working as a result of other changes made by the studio.

Players may find another way to gain control of Spider-Man’s nemesis in the future, but for now, Venom is back to his role as the antagonist of Spider-Man 2.

Though the glitch was quite interesting, it had a few flaws. Various players reported that it led to corrupted saves. Still, the thrill of playing as the powerful symbiote made it worth the risk for many.

Such glitches have also been found in other games. A recent example was seen in Counter-Strike 2, where people recreated a famous move from Michael Jackson to gain the upper hand during gunfights.

While Venom may no longer be playable, Spider-Man 2 has been a huge success. The game sold over 2.5 million units in a single day, and Sony’s latest financial report confirms that this figure was doubled in the next ten days.

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