Insomniac Teases Epic Adventure For Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 Will Take Things To New Level!

Spider-Man 2 has been unleashed upon the gaming industry. Spidey’s latest adventure is Insomniac’s biggest hit in recent years, making it the third highest-ranked superhero game on Metacritic.

Such reception means that it holds the potential to become the biggest launch for PlayStation, encouraging Insomniac to plan for the future of Spider-Man games. Recently, the studio teased a Venom spin-off, and Bryan Intihar has now dropped an exciting tease for Spider-Man 3.

Why it matters: Since Insomniac has effectively breathed new life into the Spider-Man IP, fans are hoping for several more years of new content, spin-offs, and mainline games.

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While discussing the future of Insomniac’s Spider-Man games, creative director Bryan Intihar compared the first two entries to Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

He believes the first game is comparable to Iron Man while the second finds itself in a similar position as Captain America Civil War. Therefore, the third entry only has one logical step to follow. Bryan Intihar then said:

“I think it would be pretty epic.”

The next logical evolution after Iron Man and Captain America Civil War could allude to an Avengers-style team-up from Insomniac.

With the studio currently busy with Wolverine, Insomniac has already expanded its roster of Marvel characters beyond the web-slinger. This game is expected to arrive by next year or 2025, with development moving full steam ahead.

Therefore, there is plenty of time for Spider-Man 3. With the increasing popularity of crossover Spider-Man content like the Spider-Verse films, the studio could also consider this approach for its own universe featuring different characters.

Given the demand for a Spider-Gwen game, fans would be more than willing to try such a game. Whatever the case may be, the studio is confident it will make for another epic story for the web-slinger.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Following the ending of Spider-Man 2, the game features a small teaser setting up the next game. While we won’t get into any spoilers for obvious reasons, it is safe to assume that the studio is already preparing for the future.

Nonetheless, Spider-Man 3 will likely deliver more of everything fans have come to love from the studio’s past releases. The developer has already made quite a few leaps with its latest release, leaving us excited for the future of this franchise.

We had a wonderful time with Spider-Man 2, and we cannot wait to see where the story is headed next.

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