EA Should Revive Burnout After Dead Space

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We Really Need More Burnout Games!

EA has successfully revived one of its best franchises in 2023. Dead Space was once known for heart-stopping horror gameplay, but Visceral Games was shut down in 2013, and the franchise did not receive another entry until the 2023 remake.

Having earned the approval of the original creators and many critics, Dead Space Remake has been a hit, possibly leading to even more entries for the series. Now that EA has successfully brought this series back, I believe it is time for the publisher to revisit Burnout.

Why it matters: The last mainline game in the series was released in 2008, taking the franchise to an open-world format. The series has been missing from the industry for 15 years, but there is still a lot of demand for a new entry.


A Unique Racing Game

Burnout provided a racing experience unlike any other. The game’s focus on sheer speed always stood out, and I found myself immediately pulled in as someone who was never too fond of racing games.

While no racing game lacks fast cars, Burnout gave me the sense of speed that I had always craved from the likes of Need for Speed. Combine the IP’s signature crashing with fast-paced arcade racing, and it was clear that no other franchise could fill the void left by Burnout.

Crashing was my favorite part of the series. The impending threat of a devastating crash instilled a sense of fear, motivating players to improve their skills. Similarly, the game gave these tools to the players, allowing them to take down foes who were reckless with their driving.

This led to another layer for each race, adding more tension and thrill to the gameplay. The spectacle involved in each crash was jaw-dropping, leading to incredible moments during the most ordinary races.

Need For Speed Unbound

Dwindling Popularity of Need for Speed

The arcade racing genre was once thriving, with new releases and experimental titles being released left and right.

Among these games, Need for Speed was always at the forefront, with the likes of Most Wanted still considered the benchmark for the series today. Over time, however, the series has seemingly lost what made it special.

I have enjoyed my time with recent releases like Need for Speed Rivals, Heat, and Unbound. However, I found these games lacking the flair that made this racing IP special.

With Need for Speed no longer the giant it used to be, EA has much to gain from reviving Burnout. A new entry could make up for Need for Speed’s shortcomings, providing a different and more compelling racing experience.

With Criterion Games taking over the series, the lines between Burnout and Need for Speed have been blurred to an extent. This leads to releases that lack a distinct identity, and separating the two franchises would immediately solve this issue.

The racer would also help the gaming giant compete with the likes of Forza Horizon, which has left Need for Speed in the dust with recent entries.


Reviving Over-the-Top Arcade Racers

AAA games have seemingly abandoned arcade racing with a few exceptions. Apart from Need for Speed, Forza Horizon, and a few others, this genre is no longer as popular today.

In the past, games like Blur, Split/Second, and Burnout provided different flavors of arcade racing, integrating elements like power-ups, destructible environments, and crashing to keep each game distinct.

However, the theme of being extremely over the top was common in all three of these games, something that is seldom found in modern AAA racing games. I believe EA could lead a new revolution for this style of games with Burnout at the forefront.

Compared to other games, this series has the advantage of mass recognition. The smallest teaser about a possible revival would send waves of excitement across the industry, encouraging millions of players to revisit older games and prepare for a potential new entry.

I can only imagine the sight of a new Burnout game utilizing the capabilities of modern hardware for brutally realistic crashing, racing at breakneck speeds, and the insanity of a dedicated crashing mode.

While this may never come to fruition, all hope is not lost. Fortunately, the older games are still worth replaying, providing a thrilling arcade racing experience. For anyone looking to try a few of these games, I would recommend Burnout Revenge and Paradise for two distinct flavors of this legendary series.

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