EA Survey Asks Fans About More Dead Space Remakes

Dead Space 2 & 3 Remakes Incoming?

Dead Space Remake marked a massive success for the classic horror franchise. EA Motive’s faithful rendition of the game ensured that new and old fans would enjoy the game, even earning approval from the original Dead Space developers

After the success of Dead Space Remake, EA may be considering future remakes for the franchise. The gaming publisher has sent out surveys, asking fans about their opinions on potential remakes for Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3.

Similar to the first game in the franchise, Dead Space 2 is fondly remembered as a fantastic horror game. Many fans have already expressed interest in a potential Dead Space 2 Remake, so this seems like a safe bet.

On the other hand, Dead Space 3 is the least successful entry in the franchise. EA claimed that the game performed below expectations, and the franchise became dormant until recently. 

However, a remake for Dead Space 3 would also significantly allow EA to improve the experience. Dead Space Remake already includes new features like a voiced protagonist, but the third game would require more changes. 

EA Motive previously confirmed that Dead Space Remake took over two years to develop. If development on a sequel begins this year, fans might not be able to see the entire trilogy within this console generation. But the wait would be worth it if future games could live up to the quality of EA Motive’s first remake.

Modern games have become extremely expensive and time-consuming to develop. Publishers and developers are less willing to take risks, and recent remakes have proven to be a safe bet, pleasing fans while also becoming a financial success. 

Future remakes for Dead Space could pave the way for a brand new entry in the franchise while appealing to fans of the old games. While the success of Dead Space Remake left little doubt about a follow-up, EA’s survey makes it seem like future remakes are almost guaranteed to happen.

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