Dead Space Remake Development Was Completed In 28 Months

That's Some Good Speed From EA Motive!!

Dead Space Remake has become a fan favorite among horror gaming enthusiasts. The game faithfully recreates an iconic game while adding small changes to improve the experience further. 

The title has even impressed the original Dead Space creator Glen Schofield, who thanked EA Motive for the faithful remake. Additionally, critics have been equally pleased with the remake. 

Recently, EA Motive held an AMA on Reddit, allowing fans to ask the developer about the latest release. One of the questions asked the team about the development time for the game, and EA Motive revealed that Dead Space Remake took less than 2.5 years to make.

Dead Space Remake Development Time 2.5 Years

As seen above, work on the game began in September 2020. EA Motive’s previous game, Star Wars Squadrons, was released in October of that year, and the team immediately shifted focus to Dead Space Remake. 

Since the remake is not an entirely new game, the team had many parts of the game, like the narrative, character designs, and general themes already established. However, it took the team almost 2.5 years to release the title since it was built from the ground up to support new hardware.

As technology has advanced, game development has become more challenging and time-consuming. Compared to games made a decade ago, new releases can take several more years to create.

The original Dead Space was pitched in early 2006 and released in October 2008. As such, Dead Space Remake took nearly the same amount of time as the original game, despite EA Motive having the original game’s template for the remake.

The team must have also faced challenging development conditions due to the pandemic and lockdowns enforced in previous years. Despite the hurdles, Dead Space Remake was an incredible release completed swiftly. 

EA Motive has begun work on their next project, a brand new Iron Man action-adventure game. Unlike their recent work, Iron Man will likely take significantly more time to make, but it will be worth the wait if the team can maintain the level of quality seen in recent releases. 

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Avinash Jaisrani
Avinash Jaisrani
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