Nintendo Switch 2 To Drop OLED Display For 8″ LCD

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Wants Buyers To Double Dip For OLED Model Later!

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  • A report states Nintendo is using an 8-inch LCD for the Switch 2.
  • This decision will keep costs low and help the company prioritize better hardware specifications.
  • Nintendo will likely follow up with an OLED model a few years later.

The Nintendo Switch 2 could be officially announced any day now. Expected to launch in the second half of 2024, this console will offer an iterative upgrade over the existing hybrid console from Nintendo.

A report from Bloomberg reveals more information about the console ahead of its release, with analyst Hiroshi Hayase indicating that Nintendo will ship the Switch 2 with an 8-inch LCD screen instead of an OLED variant.

Why it matters: Fans believe this would be a major downgrade for Nintendo since many have already become used to the vibrant and responsive display of the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Nintendo Switch 2

The decision to skip an OLED display should keep the console’s costs lower than usual, allowing Nintendo to prioritize hardware specifications like the memory, CPU, and GPU.

Hayase made his prediction based on research of small and medium-sized displays and inquiries with supply chain partners. Consequently, Hayase believes that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be the driving force behind a massive increase in entertainment display shipments by 2024.

While Nintendo has not officially confirmed the usage of this LCD screen, the rumor has been supported by past reports. Additionally, this move would be similar to Nintendo’s approach to the last generation.

In 2017, the Nintendo Switch launched as a single console. It was then followed by a cheaper Switch Lite and slightly expensive OLED model, encouraging many to double dip.

Research into games like GTA 6 already shows gamers are keen on double dipping. While the circumstances are very different when it comes to a console, Nintendo is likely aware of this tendency.

Nintendo Switch 2

The 8-inch screen size is also interesting. This would make the screen much larger than the current models, possibly hinting at an upgraded resolution over the current 720p screen Nintendo uses.

Elsewhere, the console features Nvidia’s Tegra 239 chipset. It should include support for DLSS and ray tracing, though it remains to be seen how valuable these additions will be in such a limited form factor.

Fans eagerly await official word about the console from Nintendo. Industry figures expect the console to be announced in March 2024, with a release later in the year.

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