Tekken 8 Plagued By Reports of Constant Crashing At Launch

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Turning Off Crossplay Might Stop The Crashes!

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  • Tekken 8 has been officially released, and it seems like a mess on consoles.
  • Several users have reported that the game has been constantly crashing on their PS5 in online mode.
  • The crashes stop in offline mode.
  • Users seem to have pinned down crossplay as the culprit in this situation.

Tekken 8 was among the most anticipated games of 2024. With Street Fighters 6 doing extremely well in 2023 and Tekken 7 becoming the IP’s best-selling title, expectations for the next Tekken game went through the roof.

The developers were also quite serious about the visuals and skipped Denuvo for the PC release. Despite the positive outlook before launch, it seems the game is far from perfect. According to multiple reports, Tekken 8 is constantly crashing on PS5 at release.

Why it matters: The online gameplay is the heart of any Tekken game for many players, making it disappointing that this mode is hardly working on one of the biggest days in the game’s lifecycle.

Taken 8 crashing (PS5)
byu/ConstantAd5616 inTekken

While Tekken 8 has been live for less than 24 hours, various threads already exist on social media, with users complaining about the game. On Reddit, users claim the game constantly crashes in online mode, preventing them from playing ranked or quick play.

The error highlighted in-game points to a connection issue, but the Reddit OP has been unable to identify any problems with his internet. Similar reports exist from users on forums like Resetera.

This issue seems to be quite widespread. However, others suggest PC users are safe from the crashes, with the problem persisting mainly on consoles. This is quite surprising since the PC version suffered from stutters in the closed beta, while consoles worked well.

Amid the troubles, users have landed on a potential solution. Disabling crossplay has limited crashes for some users, making it the only solution for now.

Bandai Namco has also acknowledged the issues. Katsuhiro Harada from the Tekken team claims that the developers are struggling to cope with the current influx of players on launch day, leading to recurring crashes.

However, the developers are working on releasing a fix as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we advise players to try the offline content in Tekken 8. The game features the epic finale of the IP’s long-running rivalry, bringing an end to the clash between Kazuya and Jin in the Mishima saga.

Building on the foundations of the last game, this story mode offers over-the-top battles as this duo dukes it to settle their battle over the corrupted Devil gene, deciding the fate of the entire world in the process.

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