Devs Are Not Very Happy With Tekken 8’s Graphics

Lighting Needs To Be Adjusted Further!

Tekken 8 has been one of the most anticipated games for a while. The long-running franchise is set to receive a new entry after over eight years, and the last few days have given fans a massive glimpse at the game’s mechanics and rosters.

Tekken 8 also showcases an impressive visual leap in the trailers. However, it looks like the developers have not been too impressed yet.

Tekken developers Katsushiro Harada and his colleague Michael Murray recently spoke with CerealKillerz and stated that they are not satisfied with Tekken 8’s graphics.

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Tekken 8 is being developed in Unreal Engine 5 to take the game to the next level, but it seems it has become a challenge for the developers. Fans are pleased with the graphics and combat shown in the trailers, but the devs have pointed out that improvements can still be made.

They explained that they used Unreal Engine 5 to improve the game’s graphics, and the characters’ animation and gameplay mechanics were developed by the developers’ own programming and scripting. Then they further explained that there’s a lot more to think about when it comes to lightning in Unreal Engine 5. They furthermore said:

“Even the build you have here today, you have hands-on, I believe; we’re not very happy with the state of the graphics at the moment.”

“We think we can do better.”.

Setting the correct lighting is the biggest challenge for the developers as they have set up some standards different from the fans’. So, now the developers have to fix the lightning according to themselves; otherwise, they won’t be satisfied with the game’s graphics.

Tekken 8 showcased a jaw-dropping trailer during the PlayStation State of Play last year. However, subsequent trailers have not received the same reception for visuals, and many believe the lighting is the main culprit.

The first trailer showcased incredibly detailed effects and lighting in a story-mode sequence. As such, the Tekken team could be looking to reach similar levels of visual quality across the board.

Tekken 8  may not be released anytime soon, so the developers have plenty of time to adjust the game to their liking. The game is expected to be released in early 2024, as hinted by Katsuhro Harada.

What do you think of the devs being unsatisfied with the graphics? Do you think Tekken 8 looks good?

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