Nintendo Switch 2: Nearly All Games To Rely on Nvidia DLSS

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Will Punch Above Its Weight Thanks To DLSS!

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  • The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to arrive next year with Nvidia hardware.
  • This will allow the console to benefit from DLSS, and a report states most games will use this upscaling.
  • This AI-based upscaling could be at the center of Nintendo’s next console.

Nintendo has been stuck on an old generation of hardware for many years, lagging behind the competition. However, with 2025 approaching quickly. the gaming giant is finally expected to launch the Nintendo Switch 2.

While no official information has been revealed about this hybrid console yet, leaks have confirmed the use of Nividia hardware. It will also include DLSS, and a leaker states that most games will use this AI-based upscaling.

Why it matters: With 60FPS becoming very common on current-generation consoles, Nintendo’s ability to leverage DLSS will enable it to provide similar frame rates on the go.

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This report comes from known leaker Moore’s Law Is Dead. Previously, he reported on Nvidia and Sony’s intentions to join the handheld market. His latest leak outlines the usefulness of DLSS for the next Nintendo console.

According to his sources, using DLSS will not be mandatory for developers, but the technology will find its way into most Nintendo Switch 2 games.

I did hear they expect it(DLSS) to be used in most games.

-Moore’s Law is Dead

Previous reports have estimated that this console will be able to achieve 1080p gameplay, thanks to DLSS. Therefore, it should not be surprising that Nintendo expects most teams to utilize the technology.

Sources have also revealed that Nvidia offered Nintendo other options for the system’s SoC, including the Lovelace architecture, which powers the RTX 4000 series graphics cards.

Nintendo chose to stick with Ampere because of its affordability and cost-efficient chips. However, a few features from the Lovelace architecture have been added to the console.

Nintendo Switch 2
Nintendo Switch 2 Concept

The increasing reliance on technologies like DLSS and FSR has spurred debates in the industry in the past, with many believing these are now necessary for modern games.

However, for handheld hardware, DLSS could be a game-changer.

Nintendo has never been one to invest in the best hardware, but its partnership with Nvidia should allow it to push for better visuals and performance while keeping the hybrid form factor of the current generation.

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