PlayStation Reportedly Working On AMD-Powered PS Vita Successor

Expected To Be Called The PS Vita 2!

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  • Rumors suggest a PlayStation handheld is currently in early development.
  • It could be called the PS Vita 2 and arrive with the PlayStation 6 generation.
  • The handheld will rely on AMD hardware.

Less than a week ago, we did a piece on why PlayStation needs another go at a handheld console.

Interestingly, a new rumor has surfaced, pointing to Sony working on a PlayStation handheld. MLID has also leaked the expected hardware of the supposed handheld, claiming it is powered by AMD architecture.

Why it matters: It’s been more than 19 years since PlayStation launched its critically acclaimed PSP. Considering how ahead of its time the PSP was, a new addition would be more than welcome.

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According to the source, the handheld will use a custom AMD APU. However, it is at least two years away and hasn’t made much progress yet.

Like the Steam Deck, it will come with native support for PS4 titles. MLID states the handheld will feature 18CUs at 1.8GHz, making it much more capable than Valve’s current offering for the market.

A future patch will also make PS5 games playable, but this would depend on individual developers and their support for the games. It will reportedly be part of the PlayStation 6 family.

According to the leaker, Sony could call it the PlayStation Vita 2.

PS Vita
PS Vita Photo by Aleks Dorohovich on Unsplash 

PS Vita was originally launched in 2011 and wasn’t very successful. While it was an ambitious handheld, the expensive memory cards, in addition to other technical challenges, meant that it was unable to live up to the PSP.

It also faced competition from the Nintendo 3DS. In the future, PlayStation will face the Nintendo Switch 2 if it releases another handheld, but this market is currently much bigger than in the past.

Sony’s decision to return to the handheld space is certainly exciting. The report suggests they’ve already signed a contract with AMD for the PlayStation 6 generation.

We have huge expectations from PlayStation in this regard and hope to find out about the handheld soon. Meanwhile, Sony is also gearing up to launch the PlayStation 5 Pro soon, which is expected to arrive in late 2024.

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