Suicide Squad Now Rocksteady’s Worst-Rated Release

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Average of 61/100 on Metacritic!

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  • Suicide Squad has a rating of 61/100 on Metacritic.
  • This makes it Rocksteady’s worst-rated game to date.
  • However, many of the reviews for this game are still being worked on.

Suicide Squad is hours away from its full launch. Scheduled to arrive later today on 2nd February, the game faced an uphill battle after negative previews, an always-online controversy, and the recent addition of Denuvo DRM.

While a few Alpha players showed confidence in the game after the embargo was lifted recently, critic reviews have been discouraging so far. The initial reviews are now available on Metacritic, and Suicide Squad has become Rocksteady’s worst release to date.

Why it matters: The last three games from Rocksteady were among the industry’s best releases, so nobody expected the developer’s first non-Batman Arkham game in many years to turn out like this.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Metacritic Reviews
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Reviews via Metacritic

Warner Bros & Rocksteady were reluctant to share review codes before launch, so many of the major outlets have yet to share their thoughts on the game. However, with the 21 published reviews, the game has an average score of 61/100 on the platform.

A few of the reviews are listed below.

  • VGC 80/100
  • Push Square 70/100
  • KeenGamer 55/100
  • 50/100
  • IGN 50/100
  • Siliconera 50/100
  • Areajugones 40/100

Outlets like MetroGameCentral have yet to score the game. However, their current impressions listed on Metacritic point to similar scores ranging between 40 to 60.

Compared to the Batman Arkham series, this is a massive letdown. Batman Arkham City, often hailed as the best superhero game, has an average rating in the 90s. Similarly, the other Arkham games are quite high on Metacritic’s best-rated games list.

Rocksteady’s VR spin-off for the series, Batman Arkham VR, is also rated higher. With a score of 74/100, this is one of the lower-rated games from the studio. Even Rocksteady’s first game, Urban Chaos: Riot Response, has a rating in the low 70s.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

This score is still subject to change since more reviews should come in over the week. However, with the current outlook of this live-service offering, we don’t see the average rating going much higher.

For now, the Metacritic average puts this release below Gotham Knights. While this Batfamily game was heavily criticized in 2022, its average rating is slightly higher at 67/100.

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