Nintendo Switch 2 Targets 4 TFLOPs Vs Predecessor’s 0.5 TFLOPs

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True Next Gen Upgrade From Nintendo?

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  • According to leaks, Nvidia wants the Nintendo Switch 2 to target 4 TFLOPs in docked mode.
  • The console could perform significantly worse in handheld mode.
  • It seems Nintendo will downclock it more than expected in handheld mode.

The Nintendo Switch 2 continues to be the subject of various leaks as we head into May 2024. It was recently reported that the console would be less powerful than the Steam Deck in terms of raw hardware.

However, it should still be a major step up over its predecessor. According to new reports, the Nintendo Switch 2 seems to be aiming for 4 TFLOPs in Docked Mode.

Why it matters: This target should make the new console quite capable despite the inherent limitations that come with Nintendo’s hybrid form factor.

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During the recent Broken Silicon podcast, leaker Moore’s Law is Dead, who successfully reported on the PS5 Pro, revealed more details about the Nintendo Switch 2.

As per his sources, people at Nvidia want the Nintendo Switch 2 to hit 4 TFLOPs in docked mode. The console could be clocked much higher than usual to achieve these results.

However, sources report that it could be clocked lower than 800 MHz in handheld mode. This would help Nintendo conserve battery life and prevent the handheld from generating too much heat.

For reference, the original Nintendo Switch was clocked even lower at 307.2 MHz in handheld mode. It was also much weaker at around 0.5 TFLOPs, though these figures are not directly comparable due to the difference in Maxwell and Ampere architectures.

Nintendo Switch 2
Nintendo Switch 2 Is Expected To Arrive Next Year

The possibility of ray tracing has also been discussed in the podcast. It has been speculated that ray tracing would be primarily present in first-party titles because Nintendo spends a massive amount of time optimizing its games to achieve the best results.

As for third-party titles, developers might stick to using Nvidia DLSS for better performance during intensive scenarios. This should lead to a healthy balance between games that prioritize visuals and gameplay.

According to other sources, Nintendo is set to launch the handheld next year. Recent reports have also suggested that backward compatibility will be a part of the new console, with Nintendo supporting both games and accessories from the previous generation.

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